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Charlie Garrad

My Corrado G60

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Hi All,

Well I'm sorry its taken this long but I brought my G60 on July 7th 2012.

It came about as I had split from my wife and didn't need a sensible car!

I was planing on buying a 16v and then after a year or so going for a 20v conversion.

My main consideration was bodywork- anything else I could work with!

Anyway i managed to sell my car and pretty much on the same day saw this advertised.

I called the seller, had a long chat and quizzed him about it and arranged a viewing for the Saturday- in Southampton (I lived in Ipswich)

I got my train at 0700, lost my ticket at Stratford, brought a new 1 and got there about 1200.

After going for a drive in the car and spending the best part of an hour reading paper work and drinking coffee I was driving the beast home!

If I'm honest it ticked all boxes I was after- good bodywork, nice wheels, leather as a bonus and supercharged!

The difference I found out in running costs and insurance for me from 16v to G60 was negligible hence the change in choice!

Anyway a lot has happened with the beast over the last 2 years and I do have a load of pictures I can share and knowledge in what I have done so the thread commences now.

please note- this wasn't all done in a week as the pics may show from when I am able to post them and I will try to give a general idea when it was done.

If anyone has any questions, please shout!










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So 1 st up was a headlight loom upgrade and new bulbs so I could see where I was going in the dark!

Then I had the issue of stopping at traffic lights up a hill, pulling on the handbrake and nothing happening!

Luckily there were no cars behind me!

I opted for mk4 calliper upgrade and a set of grooved and dimpled Mintex discs and pads all round.

Suspension became very stiff- investigation revealed a set of snapped rear springs so a replacement set of JOM shocks and springs all round were ordered!





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So being a stickler for wanting things done my way I early on decided on a course of subtle modifications that I planned to do keeping it close to factory but with a bit more of an edge (In my view).

Remote central locking was next on the hit list but had to be VW style.

I did buy a cheap set with flip key blades but when we stripped the boot out to fit it there was more hassle involved than I wanted with cutting and shutting the wiring!

Then I stumbled across a plug and play kit for not a lot more- this was a winner for me and was fitted and all working within 5 minutes of opening the box!

I do want to upgrade to include window closure but we have struggled with working out the wiring to do this as yet!

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Next up was some more work internally- not got any pictures of it but again due to another obsession with less is more I wanted to upgrade the stereo, speakers and some improvements for travel etc.

I brought a pioneer double DIN stereo for 1/2 price and then made an amazing discovery of a sat nav module for this- the truck type that was listed on ebay incorrectly.

Everything was included and so the grand sum of £55 was paid for this bad boy!



I then proceeded to cut and shut my dash to accommodate the double DIN stereo and support it- this involved cutting out the rear support bar with an angle grinder and re positioning it lower down.

then moving down the heater controls and making them fit snugly and securely.

Finally the cigarette lighter/ ashtray.

this is the only part to develop still but in the meantime it fits well and I have also fitted an air temp gauge too in the charger outlet!

the mdf will be trimmed in the next week or so after I re wire the ashtray light/ new bulb and also the cigarette lighter.

1 picture of when I installed- October 2012 but will take some more tonight of it all!


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My divorce cam thoruhg last May- was quite surreal as i was on holiday fishing at the time I had a call from my solicitor to say it had all gone through!

To celebrate I treated myself to a private plate.

I spent a lot of time looking into different combinations and decided that this was the winner.

Its a double whammy as if you know me you also know my car is always spotless and at the same time my initials are CD!


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Very nice indeed, love a black G60! And having had a few G60's and a few 16v's I can definitely confirm that there's very little in it in terms of running costs, in fact I used to get better mpg from the G60's than the valvers!

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Last week after re trimming the roof panel and sunroof cover I decided to re fit it all.

I ended up having to take the sunroof out to fit the trim and with help from our 8 year old holding it up re fitted it again!

It all went in well and I am happy with the outcome.

I was going to spray the surround trim black too but ran out of paint.

As it is I quite like the distinction it gives and am planing on keeping it like this now!

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I do need to re do the visors and centre panel as they are a bit too glossy for my liking so will be re sprayed in satin.

I also need to work on the visor roller as when you move it the paint cracks- I'm thinking of glueing some of the material to the little tube piece to give it better movement- any thoughts?

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As stated before here are some pictures of the fitted stereo and my ashtray and temperature gauge!

Next week I will be adding in the new heater control set up along with the upgraded ashtray bulb and also a green cigarette lighter.

We will then probably use some cabinet brackets to hold it in place and also re trim it the same as the roof to finish it off.

It was quite hard to work out how to mount it all without making it look total 5hite but I am happy with the outcome.

I also plan to wire in the new sub and re route the wiring for it at the same time!

Next on the hit list- I'm not sure- maybe I will start on the engine dress up- which incidentally is proving a mine field when you look at what some people have done and where have they put everything!

All I want to do is tidy the wires away where possible and use some sleeving to dress it up a bit and a bit of polishing.



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So we were booked in for VW white Noise this weekend just gone which gave me a reason to get some bits finished!

With my mate Iain we managed to wire in a new green cigarette lighter, the light for the ash tray and the new illuminated heater dials while also re connecting the sub and re routing the wiring in the boot!

Got it all done in good time and a few pics from the weekend.

It went in the show n shine for Daily drivers on Saturday and the water cooled category on Sunday- no prizes though- the kids were not happy as they helped to clean it both days!








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your car looked good at whitenoise


A lot of competition in the watercooled show and shine on Sunday, I spent the day with Rob who won it with his mk1 GTI

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