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Guide : How to remove G60 Supercharger with pics

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This week I had to remove my Charger for a service and the only guide I could find online was the Matey Matey on, which was very informative but not enough pictures as I find it easier to to understand than a load of paragraphs


So I thought why not make my own guide for future reference and for other people to benefit from


Right so I started off


Pop open the bonnet and remove the drivers side Headlight and front grill






Next remove the airbox/airfilter inlet pipe by 2x hex boltstop and bottom





Next remove the radiator cover





Next remove the 4 hex bolts on the side of the charger, theyre what hold the charger in the bracket





Next remove the black plastic cover that sits on top of the charger by these 2 bolts





Then on the right hand side of the charger there is a black plastic box ( the silencer box ), undo the jubilee clips and pull off the intercooler pipe





Just underneath the black box you will see an oil feed cable, should be a silver braided hose , undo this and place up by the oil cap so I doesn't drip oil anywhere, there is also another oil feed pipe on the bottom of the charger on the side where the airbox was


Unfortunately I didn't take any pics when I undid these but you can clearly see them



Next to do is loosen and remove the tensioner bolt, and I tapped it off with a rubber mallet





Then slip the belt off the charger pulley





Next remove this pipe from the charger, its quite stiff so give it a good wiggle and a pull, I slipped a very small flathead screwdriver in and lightly levered it out





Next remove the oil dipstick and then the 4 bolts holding the black silencer box together, I found this quite difficult as the bottom 2 bolts wernt easy to get to, make sure you get a spanner on there good and firm and don't round the bolts off, just slowly crack the bolts





Next split the black box





Remove the one half of the black box out of the bay and then remove this bolt holding the other half in








Then you can access the last 2 hex bolts holding the charger in on the bracket






Then remove the last bolt on the charger support bracket, watch the metal 3 holed bracket doesn't fall down





Then I used a crowbar to slowly loosen the charger from the bracket, then with a bit of a wiggle the charger should lift out












Now theres a big empty gap where your charger used to be, get the Gunk out and start scrubbing


Then send your charger off to Matt at OCD for an overhaul and service





And there you have it, I hope this helps people out in the future...Good Luck Steve

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Great how to - thank you very much for sharing it with everyone!

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Couple of points:


1. Use F-clamp to compress the tensioner for the supercharger polyribbed belt. No need to damage the thread of the stud protruding once the nut has been removed.


2. Now is a good time to replace that dreaded black silencer box with an RS-outlet kit (easier to remove for future G-Lader removal jobs)


3. Rather than using a long crow-bar to prise out the G-Lader, I tend to remove the console on the right hand side of the G-Lader (when standing in front of the engine bay). You will need a new seal for the engine block hole underneath when refitting.



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