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  1. And still you come out of the shop and find somebody in the next bay!
  2. Back when we first had it as an only car, we did tip runs, IKEA furniture collections, loaded the roof rack with timber…it was just a car. Now I think twice about going out if there are clouds!
  3. Bought it 22 years ago today…and it’s still swallowing up the shopping at Sainsburys!
  4. Mine’s a bit of a Frankenstein, the majority of the install is from a Passat VR6 B4 but the condenser is Golf 4. The heater box hasn’t been opened since I installed it all about 14 years ago, but it’s also only done about 20K since then. I’ll plan to try sort it out over the winter although I’ve been working away five days a week for over a year now so until that ends I won’t get too much opportunity. It’s had a Jetex filter over the inlet since I fitted it so I expect that will have kept most debris out.
  5. That sounds like a pretty good call, been getting the occasional bit of sticky foam tape blowing out of the vents. I’ll put it on the winter jobs list, after all I’ve not taken the dash out in the last couple of years, it’ll be starting to think it’s in for good!
  6. Not today but Friday I finally got the climate control recharged, I say finally because it’s been back on the road since 2018 so I really could have got my finger out, I think the last time it worked was some time in 2010! Initial results were disappointing, the compressor clutch wasn’t pulling in. Saturday morning that was traced to a fuse and we went out for a drive in reasonably warm conditions, only to be underwhelmed by the level of cooling. Sunday we went out in the car again and it was cooler than the day before, is it possible that the a/c is taking a while to settle in, I wouldn’t have expected it but it sure seems that way? Whatever, it’s definitely a better place to be with cooled air, why wasn’t every Corrado built with Climatronic???
  7. That looks rather like my magnex, been under there since I bought the car almost 22 years ago and still looks the same…..brilliant addition 👍
  8. Thanks Hasan, I'll start searching through my spare relay collection for one with a click then!
  9. On the subject of indicators, do everyone else’s make noise? Mine are silent when flashing but I don’t remember if it was always that way, has my relay lost it’s click???
  10. When your car gets to come out, love it! The biggest problem I have with the a/c is that it’s a Frankenstein job, conversations seem to go this way: Tony: I’d like to get my a/c re-gassed please. Salesperson: No problem sir, could your confirm age and registration etc. Tony: Gives details but points out this won’t help them as the installed system came from a 96 Passat VR6 and also that the condenser and drier have been replaced with items from Mk4 Golf and the pipe work modified to suit. Salesperson (after consulting a wiser person): Sorry sir, we can’t help you as we wouldn’t know how much gas to put in, it has to be weighed you see. And so it continues. I even had one tell me recently they wouldn’t know which gas to use as there’s a new one on the market since around 2017, even though I’ve told them it’s a 95 car with a 96 system!!! At least Mick Farrar, whilst he’s booked up for the next few weeks, is prepared to suck it and see, to have an feel for the job and charge the system until the pressure is something like right.
  11. Too right it is! I then drove over to the guy not a million miles from you at Beighton to see about getting the a/c gassed but he can’t fit me in til 26th August 🙄
  12. Mine does exactly the same thing, strangely enough when turning around on my own drive, not really heard it anywhere else! Spec sounds similar, 288 brakes, R32 rear bushes, Powerflex front bushes. I can’t imagine where there’s play as nothing under there has more than maybe 5K miles on it. I convinced myself it was a wheel bearing, although they’re all new, but couldn’t find it when I tried them and tightened everything up. I was hoping you were going to solve it for me when you mentioned the same problem, at least I don’t have to buy drive shafts to try fix it! I’ll let you know if I find anything.
  13. Great news about the build starting, hope you manage to hurry the tiles along! We’re expecting to re-roof the house in a couple of months and hoping to stay lucky with materials. The world has gone mad with things right now, I’m trying to order 8 smoke detectors, admittedly fairly specific type, and I’ve been quoted May 23 delivery on them, how can that even be possible?
  14. I used glue and tar spot remover, still a gooey and horrible job. Left it off after I’d had the car painted though, didn’t want to ruin the shiny under bonnet!
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