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  1. Good to see this back in the daylight again, well done for seizing the moment. We must meet up some time like we said we would about five years ago! Looking like possibly May at the earliest before mine’s out again though, too busy offshore trying to keep the gas flowing at the moment 🙄
  2. I can’t remember exactly and I’m offshore so can’t look at mine, but if it’s like others I’ve done you roll the “strip of wood” half a turn inside the leather (if that makes sense) before pushing it into the slot. That way it doesn’t pull straight out again.
  3. Great modification…one of Kev Bacon’s “Must do to your Corrado” upgrades!
  4. I agree there’s a different 4 pin sensor in the stat housing as I remember having to source one, although I don’t remember the colour either. The FCM didn’t need changing when I installed the Climatronic, although I did have to add a few wires and pins to the ten pin plug that weren’t on the Corrado loom. Since then I’ve installed another loom when I converted to OBD2 from a Golf but it went straight on the same FCM. I’m sure I remember that the later cars had a different controller installed which is how I expect mine came with this one, it definitely worked fine without the additional a/c hardware and the car was less than five years old when I bought it so I doubt anything had been messed with by then.
  5. From a set of Passat wiring drawings I used when fitting my Climatronic, the terminals associated with the 4 pin plug on the FCM are: T4/4 12V Feed from battery T4/3 Signal from F18 the radiator thermo switch T4/2 Fan speed 2 T4/1 Fan speed 3 The fuses are: S78 5A fuse for the coolant pump S108 20A fuse for fan stage 1 and a/c magnetic coupling (although to me it appears that stage 1 is fed directly from the thermo switch which may then suggest this fuse is stage 2….hypothesis only!). S107 50A fuse for fan stage 2 & 3 So if the 20A fuse keeps blowing, is there a chance you have a short to ground on the a/c magnetic coupling wiring from when you removed it? The magnetic clutch feed is on the 10 pin plug T10/10…or it is on mine which replicates the Passat at least. Or is the short on one of the fan stages, 1 or 2 dependent upon which stage fuse S108 feeds.
  6. I have a steering wheel in semi decent condition, I can send photos when I’m back from offshore at the weekend.
  7. From the VIN number, mine was produced 342 from the end of the production run so they were probably using up the parts they had left, and I’ve owned it since it was less than five years old so I expect it’s the original one too as it was too new for things to have started breaking! No UK cars were built with a/c but mine is definitely 2 plug and I’m sure that both plugs were wired when I fitted the Climatronic, I just had to add extra wires to the smaller plug.
  8. Mine’s. 506 too, only number I can read on the photo I’ve got as I’m away from home at the moment. I bought it without a/c but have since fitted Climatronic from a Passat which uses the FCM, I had to add extra pins to the plug for the additional signals. I seem to remember somebody posting here years ago that all the run out cars came with the same FCM a/c or not.
  9. What are Apple AirTags like? A mate of mine in Sheffield is having work done on his house and the builders’ excavator was stolen off the drive, it was tracked to some woods the following day using the AirTag hidden away on it somewhere. Cheap solution unless they’re easily detected by the crooks.
  10. Same here, mine was £175 this year, agreed valuation and 3K miles. All mods declared, brakes, suspension, cams, etc…..Schrick was removed when I went OBD2 as I couldn’t find a replacement manifold at the time.
  11. Me too, they knew exactly what I was talking about when I asked them if they could do these bushes too….then took two days to fail!
  12. I took mine to the local VW independent who kept it a couple of days before phoning to tell me they couldn’t do it. So it was up to me to get “creative” as Matt suggests! The first one took a couple of hours getting all the steel blocks and packings set up, the second one took 10 minutes….I can’t imagine trying to do it in situ though, there really is nothing to be gained as you’ll already have disconnected the brake lines to lower it so there’s not much else to undo. The photo isn’t great but it gives the idea.
  13. I’ll take this one off you then if nobody else has had it. Could you PM me some payment details and I’ll get the boss to send some money 👍
  14. Hi Chris, Did you have any success with Royal regarding getting yours recovered? I’ll get mine sent there over the winter if so and leave this one for somebody else. If not, I’ll take it off you as it’s way better than mine! Let me know either way please and PM me payment details if Royal can’t do them. Thanks
  15. That’s good to know, I’ll wait and see what the outcome is as mine is getting tired. 👍
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