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Lockup Clearout

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Looking to clear my lockup of a selection of corrado bits I've got left from braking one earlier in the year.


Car was a mix of early/late 9A


Black late spec dash inc glovebox £50

Black tunnel console £25

Front bumper metal brackets £10

Abs pump (untested) 358614117 £10?

Master cylinder £10

Servo £10

Abs sensor £15

Black a pillars £20

Black b pillars £20

Black c pillars £20

Black parcel shelf supports £20

Black parcel shelf £20

Steering wheel

Subframe £20

Rear axle (no hubs ) £20

Clocks (pics to be added)

Gear selector cables £20

Gearboxes (need to check codes)£ offers otherwise being scrapped!

Under car heat-shields £offers

fuel lift pump £10

Fuel main pump £20

Distributor £20

Coil £10

Accelerator cable £10

Bonnet release cable TBC

Radiator fan £10

ECU £20


Front hubs £30

Lower bumper grille £5

Inlet manifold £25

Indicator/wiper stalks £

Metal sunroof panel skin £10

Electric sunroof motor (untested)£10

Various headlamp spares (will add pics)


Can post most items at extra cost.

Collection preferred from near Matlock in Derbyshire

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Hi Ian all are the same just the end plates.


Sorry for jumping in just thought I'd help out original poster


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