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Wiring Help - UK Late Corrado 2.0 16 Valve

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Hi Guys and Girls, hope your doing well! Im finally getting there with restoring my corrado and Just looking for some help with the final wiring. :bonk: Id hapily buy anyone who can help me with this a few drinks at an upcoming show this summer. (Im hoping to have the car finished and back on the road asap.


I have a couple of issues. Everything appears to be working other than my clocks (are showing mileage and time)but no indicator flashes, warning lights, mfa controls, or any other clocks running) seems like no power or something perhaps. Ive also checked every fuse and all are ok.


- I have checked the 2 x blue plugs at the back of the fuse box. These have white wires intact and go back to one single connector in the back of the clocks no other connections go into the back clocks by the looks of it) :scratch:.


a few other issues i will get on to another time ( abs outlet vale left rear although i think this may be a new abs pump required or trying to flush the brake system):shrug:

my abs light on


The cars a UK spec late (1995) 2.0 16Valve - There are a lot of plugs at the back of the fuse box that are not connected - I have taken the following photos for advise.


Thanks in advance! Luke


- Yellow Plug Male (2 Pin) Brown Wire with White Tracer (From Relay 31 (Fan Afterun (Apparently)

- Grey Plug Male (1 Pin) Blue Wire with Grey Tracer

- Yellow Plug Male (1 Pin) Black Wire with Yellow Tracer




- Blue Plug Male (1pin) Red with White Tracer

- Brown Plug Male (1 Pin) Red with Black Tracer

- Black Plug (1 Pin) Purple with White Tracer



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Have you checked all the grounding points - there is a ground connector on the A pillar on the drivers side tucked up behind the dash as these can work loose. Some of those connectors you have shown don't actually need plugging in - strange I know, but just seems to be that way, I believe some might have been for diagnostics or additional accessories - some for example are for power seats and the centre gauges if fitted. Otherwise some of them connect into a smaller female plug not in the fuse box itself. Unfortunately there are a few wires with similar colours and connectors so if you could trace them it might help to identify where they go. All the big connectors plug directly in and the clocks should be one of those IIRC.


The grey/blue grey connector I believe is for illumination for something and there will be a bank of the same sockets in the front of the fuse box




I have a copy of the wiring diagrams somewhere, just trying to trace back through my old posts :lol:


Edit: Found my old post with the diagram, back in 2012! This is for a '94 and later car http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?64549-Electric-window-wiring-diagrams-Corrado-and-MK3-golf

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Hi Eugopnosaj, really appreciate your reply and will happily get you a beer in the summer if you plan to go to any shows or meets il happily get you beer for the info you have provided should be very helpful! trying to get the car ready for its MOT at the moment (been restoring it for 2 years now!). Milton Keynes isn't too far away either!


Thanks for providing the links, Id checked the CE2 wiring at 'A2 Resource website' although this is no way near as detailed as the wiring diagram links you have sent. Also A2 Resource CE2 Diagram does not show any of the 'TV' plugs at the top of the fusebox. Id noticed that the TV plugs at the top are essentially just 4 pin block connectors which just join the 4 individual plug pins together for each block which I have 3 separate blocks. (then far left (relay 34) which i believe is a fuse & relay for the radiator fans/fan after-run). one block far right has 4 individual green plugs (no idea what these do but id imagine they go together). Then next 4 individual blue plugs/blue wires/white tracers (i think these links is the 'VSS' feed which (1) the spoiler gets its raise/speed from (2) the clock speedo (3) unsure) (4) unsure.


Then next block I'm a little unsure, but I have these two wires which come from the green plug (ABS I think - i will check today) wondering whether they both should go into the next TV connector.





Really appreciate your reply and hopefully i will get everything sorted! Thanks, Luke

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