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HELP! Cannot sign in to account even directly after resetting password.

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The other day I got logged out of my main account "corrado33" and now I just can't sign in, regardless of what I do. I'll reset the password, and if the reset password dialog lets me through without telling me the answer to the secret question is wrong (Seriously, I've tried VR6, SLC, G60, and it's told me that the answer is wrong with each of those, while other times it'll work just fine.) I literally just got through the reset password dialog, and IMMEDIATELY went to sign in and I get the


Wrong username or password. You have used up your failed login quota! Please wait 15 minutes before trying again. Don't forget that the password is case sensitive. Forgotten your password? Click here!


message. Like literally, 20 seconds after getting a new password emailed to me.


WTF is going on? I haven't even tried to log in.... days? How could I use up my login quota? WTF?


Please help.

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