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Fog lights

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IVe been looking at Hella covers for my fogllights to help protect them aswell as looking nice, ive been looking at a few options, But my main question is I own a 1995 vr6, and i see alot of early and late models when looking parts and it effects the price drasticly, Is this very improtant or will the cheaper early model covers fit onto my later shape vr6 or will i need ot pay the extra money and buy the ones specifically designed for the alter shaped corrado. 





Are the fog lights different sizes or shape, if not would a bit of adjustment allow the early shape ones to fit the later ones especially with a $25 differnce in price 

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They are different. Early dogs can be removed as a unit, later ones are moulded into the fog/indicator housing and only the glass can be removed with a lot of effort.


The difference in the covers is probably to allow for them to clip on properly.


If you bring up pics on Google of early and late Corrado fogs, you will see the difference.

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