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Part 4

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24th November 2016

New gearbox mount

New rocker cover seals

New starter motor

New clutch slave cylinder


25th November 2016

New LUK clutch kit

New release bearing

New crankshaft seal

New flywheel bolts

New clutch bolts


8th December 2016

New lower control arms

New inner roll bar bushes

New roll bar drop links

Anti roll bar sanded bare and re-sprayed

New ball joint nuts and bolts

Crossmember sanded and re-sprayed

Crossmember cover plate sanded and re-sprayed

Front bumper re-sprayed

Slam panel front edge re-sprayed


20th December 2016

New driveshaft seals

New driveshaft bolts

New inlet manifold gasket

New exhaust manifold gaskets


16th January 2017

Flushed brake system and bled brakes and clutch

New HEL stainless braided clutch hose

Wheels aligned and tracking set

New oil (142,100 miles)

New coolant

New power steering fluid


25th January 2017

New FAG front wheel bearings (both sides)

New front top mounts/bearings (Lemforder)

New front brake backing plates


4th February 2017

New power steering auxiliary belt

Vw Centre caps


MOT failure 4th February 2017

New Rear shock absorbers (Bilstein B4's)

New Brake pressure regulator

Drivers side sill repair - damage cut out and new plate welded in

Drivers sill sprayed and underside stone chipped and sealed

New drivers inner driveshaft boot

MOT Passed 15th February 2017 :)


27th February 2017

Visit to Ricky Gauld.

Set the ignition timing

Set the fuelling


20th April 2017

Fitted new Fuel pump

Fitted genuine VW ARB drop links


28th April 2017

Suspension overhaul:

Front top mounts replaced

Eibach springs all round

Tracking and Alignment done


21st May 2017

Cylinder head rebuild:

KR head - ported and flowed

Head gasket

Oil valve stem seals

Valves ground and seated

Rocker cover seals

New head bolts

New timing chain

New camshaft seal

New coolant flange/seal

Oil changed (144,000)

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