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Part 3

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5th May 2016

Replacement sunroof headlining panel cleaned and fitted

Headlining replaced with new foam strips

Made a cup holder to fit in rear ashtray


29th May 2016

Fitted standard manifold and down pipe (from a 33,000 mile car)

Fitted new exhaust gaskets

New exhaust manifold brass nuts

Fitted stainless exhaust

Fabricated a flexi with twin hangers to join down pipe to centre section and make a better fitting system

Poly hangers

Fitted radiator cover and holding bracket


1st June 2016

Removed all glue residue from disintegrated under bonnet soundproofing

Rubbed down all rust and bubbling

Primed and sprayed treated areas

Fitted new under bonnet soundproofing


21st June 2016

Replaced the tailgate seal

Replaced the nearside outer window scraper seal

Fitted new pedal rubbers (including throttle)

Fitted new boot strut (nearside)


4th July 2016

Replaced the front drivers headlamp lens

Replaced the passenger fog lamp

Replaced the centre air vents


21st July 2016

Fitted Audi TT window wipers


6th September 2016

2.0 16v 9a engine

Degreased and sanded back

Bottom end painted black


3rd November 2016

2.0 16v stripped cylinder head

New tappets/followers fitted

New set of 17" KAHN alloys/Goodrich tyres

Roof sanded back and resprayed

Nearside resprayed

Rust removed and repaired Around windscreen

Nearside sill welding repair


11th November 2016

KR cams fitted

New timing chain

New timing belt and tensioner

New oil pump

New oil pump baffle plate

New sump seal

New camshaft seal


12th November 2016

New Bosch metering head

New stainless fuel leads

Refurbed fuel distributor

New Bosch injectors

New banjo fuel fittings

New metering head seal

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