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Alex's G60 Mistress - It's all about Blogs from now on...

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It would seem that my build thread is destined to be used no more. :(

I've moved this we blog to show all you peeps a sample of the things that I'm faced with fixing, once i actually fix something I'll let you know via this Bolg nonsense!


To look at the old thread look here


Jan 2011


Things to fix

  1. Fix Starter motor DONE
  2. Replace OS brake line and replace braking fluid
  3. Central Locking is playing up, keeps unlocking the car by itself (not essential)
  4. New callipers all round including fluid hoses (not essential)
  5. Replace Springs and shocks
  6. New suspension mount to front OS suspension
  7. Re-condition wishbones and fit new rubbers (not essential)
  8. replace/Fix NS head light unit (I have replacement unit ready to fit, just need to drill out the middle screw)
  9. replace cracked fog lamps (not essential)
  10. rear bumper brackets have rotten, probably just get a new bumper (Have new bumper but brackets are not in good nick. Will probably fabricate my own)
  11. Fit wheel spacers
  12. New cv boots
  13. fit exhaust rubber (but I need a "special one",)
  14. Need new exhaust Manifold
  15. Fit new exhaust heat shield
  16. New Lambda sensor
  17. Fix a gear box leak
  18. fix a engine oil leak (which worries me as a cant find the source)
  19. fix power steering fluid leak (got replacements, just need to fit)
  20. replace front cross member panel as its completely rusted away
  21. New rear tyres (not essential)
  22. New radiator and fan switch
  23. Speedo works intermittently, probably a loose wire
  24. Fit new steering wheel DONE
  25. Petrol tank straps need replacing
  26. Charger needs servicing
  27. New battery tray required.
  28. Heater matrix is in need of replacing
  29. Sunroof monkey. I have purchased new one but need to test that it works.
  30. Rubber door seals


"I'm on my way, from misery to happiness again... ahah ahah!"

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