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Found 51 results

  1. I bought my '93 Corrado VR6 in May 2017 - with very little knowledge of the car and the engine. After speaking to friends who have an interest in VW cars, I found out that the engine is not an original Corrado VR6 engine, it was out of a MK3 Golf. The engine bay has also been partially smoothed (badly) so there are things that are missing from the bay. I say badly because the air filter was behind the engine and above the exhaust manifolds. [ATTACH=CONFIG]92959[/ATTACH] Our assumption was that a previous owner had tried to supercharge the car, hence the bay smoothing and some pipes being in a strange places. They blew the original 2.9L engine and replaced it with an 2.8L out of the Golf VR6. This didn't particularly bother me because it was drivable. However, I had persistent over heating issues to the point where I would get coolant temperature of 120 and oil temperature of 140. After changing the thermostat and trying coolant additives it still didn't make a difference.I've had it block tested and its definitely head gasket failure. I took it off the road and put it into storage while I decided what to do with it. Current Problems with the VR6 Current engine head gasket failure No heater matrix Power steering bar is covering the oil filter housing Oil cooler failure Water pump failure as a result of head gasket failure Multiple coolant hose rupture due to head gasket failure Bonnet cable snapped Hazard light switch blows the indicator relay Rear fog light out Most of the sensors don't work Cables like a rats nest behind the dash Speakers aren't wired in Radiator full of rust Good Things about the VR6 It's a good colour The sunroof doesn't leak It sounds amazing It's a Corrado It's fully polybushed [ATTACH=CONFIG]92962[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]92965[/ATTACH] I have a 2.9L engine ready to go in now, the next post will be more about. If anyone has advice or ideas I would love to hear them.
  2. The vr6 was great on the a roads .... its been fun getting the car to this stage.
  3. Last Thursday was spent changing over the front sub-assembly. As with the rear axle, the aim was to recover the one fitted to the car so it could be refurbished and then refitted, along with all new components, bolts and fastenings. So this work is just an interim position. It was a long day, starting at 10.00 and finishing at just after midnight. Not finishing was not an option as the garage space was needed on Friday morning. I have been fortunate to have access to a professional garage with pit and all the tools. I have little prior mechanical knowledge so these jobs are proving a whole new experience requiring lots of research. Having a mechanic friend on hand to advise and help with the tricky bits is a massive bonus. My mechanical apprenticeship is progressing well as I am having to learn a lot of new skills. The task for the day was to remove the existing sub-assembly, wishbones, ARB and hub carriers. Then to fit replacement items complete with new wheel bearings; new control arm bushes; new steering rack bushes; new rear engine and gearbox mounts; new ball joints, drop links and track rod ends. All the useable recovered items, like the bolts and fastenings, will be de-rusted, refurbished and recycled onto the Silver VR6 in time. The replacement assembly and control arms had been previously nylon coated. The work progressed well considering it looked like nothing had been disturbed since new, apart from a track rod end which was seriously stuck fast (had to remove the rod and use a TIG welder to heat the track rod end to red hot); a front wheel bearing which needed grinding off the driver's side hub; the compressor for the hydraulic press failing. The latter was a complete pain as the whole task needed one set of hubs and front bearings removing and a new set fitting along with one set of wishbone bushes removing and a new set fitting. Doing this by hand was not funny. Because of the temporary nature of the replacement parts, pattern bushes and bearings were used. The genuine VW items will used when the original item is refitted. The car and engine all supported. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47852[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47853[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47854[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47855[/ATTACH] The existing items to remove. Not in bad condition for 17 years. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47856[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47857[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47858[/ATTACH] Work in progress. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47859[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47860[/ATTACH] The old sub-frame off and preparing the replacement. A bit of impact driver action for the hub ABS screws. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47861[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47867[/ATTACH] Back on with various replaced items. The splash shields, hubs, carriers, discs, brakes etc will be renewed when the original sub-frame is refurbished and put back on. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47862[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47863[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47864[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47865[/ATTACH] All finished at 00.15 - see the clock! [ATTACH=CONFIG]47866[/ATTACH] And, the following morning, the final activity was a professional digital 4 wheel alignment. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47868[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]47869[/ATTACH] With all the work that has been done the car drives unbelievably well. Once the suspension and top mounts are replaced, it should be back to being as close to the factory settings as is possible.
  4. neuon2003

    Rear axle refurb

    Right, on with the refurbished rear axle with new discs, bearings and bushes. This is a temporary measure while I refurbish the axle that was on the car which is not as corroded and will look as new when coated. Then it can all be refitted and the initial one used for the Silver VR. Double the work, but the car needed to be mobile for the MOT and due to storage demands. Given it looked as though nothing had been undone in 17 years, all went well except for: stripping the head off a sub axle bolt; trying to get the brake bias valve off; needing to replace some of the brake lines (all will be done in any case). Given the car's age, the original items are in pretty good shape, as expected. Ready to go [ATTACH=CONFIG]47791[/ATTACH] Looking good under here, just needing a bit of clean [ATTACH=CONFIG]47792[/ATTACH] Stripping off the old [ATTACH=CONFIG]47793[/ATTACH] Apart from dirt, little wear after 17 years [ATTACH=CONFIG]47794[/ATTACH] And it's off [ATTACH=CONFIG]47795[/ATTACH] As expected, needed to replace some brake pipe hard lines and needed new ABS sensors. For the brake lines, used Cunifer (copper nickel alloy) rather than copper or steel. It is stronger than copper, doesn't work harden, easier to work with than steel. Not as tough as steel but will not corrode like steel, especially from the inside. And you don't need to weaken it by scraping off external rust. These should last a lifetime. Also fitted some newly refurbished tank straps while I was at it. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47799[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47796[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47797[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47798[/ATTACH] Fitting the new beam was OK. Had to tap a few holes to clear the nylon coating and do a quick weld on a broken exhaust bracket, to get through the MOT. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47800[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47801[/ATTACH] And then it was fitted, re-plumbed to the brake lines and the stub-axles, new discs and brakes refitted. As this is not the finished deal, some of he old bolts and parts were re-used. All new ones will be put on when the original axle is re-fitted. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47802[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47803[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47804[/ATTACH] As mentioned, had a couple of gorillas on the way. Needed to weld a nut onto a sheared stub-axle bolt so it could be extracted: [ATTACH=CONFIG]47805[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47806[/ATTACH] But the main swine was the original brake bias valve. It was completely stuck fast and a welded-on bolt just snapped off. So, welded on a piece of bar which did the trick and cracked the screw. A bit of grinder action to cut off the bar, then some serious adjustables to extract it. You can see that the bolt was galvanically corroded along its length. Not wanting this to happen again, did a bit of research and came across 'Duralec', a lubricant designed to stop galvanic corrosion http://www.intek-uk.com/duralac.htm. So shall be using this on the brake bias valve in the future. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47807[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47808[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47811[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47810[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47812[/ATTACH] The 'new' valve in place. This one has been recycled from -Neil-'s white VR when he broke it earlier this. Was relatively new and in good condition. A brand new one awaits the refurbished axle and this one will be for the Silver VR. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47829[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47830[/ATTACH] The next day, the car passed its MOT. As the Inspector said: "You don't find many of these as clean as this any more". Finally, the best tool of them all. A truly serious cordless impact driver which made short work of 17 year old stuck-fast nuts and bolts. If I ever had the money (about £500) I would buy one in a heartbeat. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47831[/ATTACH]
  5. Decided it was about time to catch up on what has been happening with the VR's. For now, I'll concentrate on the red one as it's easier.
  6. Fitted a bump steer kit. Ball joint extenders and tie rod end flip bushes. Fitted some ap racing 4 pot stoppers a few weeks ago also. A very tight fit behind 16" brock b2's, not even room for wheel balance weights. Cant wait to get my 17" RC's back from the refurbisher.
  7. Today i removed my Jabbasport turbo exhaust manifold due to it blowing and the car being down on power. This is what i found... 6 years of abuse lol. Apparently the first manifolds that they made were low nickel content and prone to cracking. Anyway, I bought a new manifold from Jabba (£505! ouch) It has higher nickel content and an updated design, Oh and i have a few other parts to go on while im at it. Piper 260/260 cam. (BP270H) Piper vernier pulley. INA cam followers. Rotor, dizzy, studs, copper hex head self locking exhaust nuts. Ford racing 440cc injectors.
  8. Did some prep work on my new summer wheels to get them ready for a refurb on Monday. BBS RC, 17" x 7", 4 x 100, custom spigot rings, 15mm front spacers, 20mm rear spacers, 4 new genuine center rings, nuts and badges. 4 new tyres. I also have some extra badges on order that have the bbs logo in silver with the carbon background and also some bbs short stainless valves. I had the old tyres removed so i could then sand and file the curb rash out that was done by the previous owner. Im very happy with the results as i managed to remove nearly all of the damaged. The refurb is being done by APS in Swansea and is going to be brilliant silver, spray not powdercoat. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47736[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]47737[/ATTACH] Next... :salute:
  9. Past few days: Dropped the subframe and gave it a damn good clean. Fitted some powerflexed wishbones. I stripped down my leaking steering rack and rebuilt it with all new seals, greased it up and fitted new genuine vw rack boots and uj boot (no vw specific tools were required for the rebuild!) Also fitted a powerflex steering rack mount. Flushed steering system out with new vw fluid and filled up with new vw steering fluid. Re-fitted subframe, rack and wishbones. (car on axle stands and i was out in the dark with a howling wind, not fun) Adjusted the sterring racks tension. Fitted some new genuine vw cv boots. Tweaked up the rear bearings after a few thou miles of use. The steering rack looked to be only a few years old and was in mint condition internally. It looks as if the previous owner or rack fitter didn't use vw specific fluid in it which might be the cause of the seals failing. The steering now feels as good as new. PASSED MOT TODAY 1st time and 0 advisories :clap: i should flippin hope so too. :lol: p.s. I really enjoyed watching the car come backwards off the rollers when he pulled on the handbrake. My previous brake refurb, pads and cables has worked a treat. :grin:
  10. Well, it really has been a busy few weeks. An exhaust manifold to turbo stud snapped due to a worn out rear engine mount which meant that the cylinder head had to come off (again!) to get access to it. While i was at it i stripped the engine bay loom out and removed all of the loom tape, cleaned every single wire, replaced many of the amp plugs, repaired many worn out old cables, integrated an uprated headlight loom into the cars original loom, rewired the injector loom with all new plugs and wires and removed the old headlight loom and o2 sensor loom. I diverted the old o2 sensor cables to run my wideband. fitted the complete loom into black split ducting. While it was off the road i decided to spend a bit of cash on her. work done so far: AP Racing CP5200 4 pot calipers. AP Racing brackets for Corrado 4 stud. AP Racing bells. AP Racing discs, 294mm x 28mm, 4 groove, 48 angled vanes. Goodridge braided AP to Corrado front brake hoses. EBC red stuff front pads for AP CP5200. 4 x 17" 4 stud bbs rc's. Aquamist 1s water/metth Injection kit. Mocal alloy catch tank. New vibra-technics front engine mount. (mk2 golf vr6 conversion type) New vibra-technics rear engine mount. (fast road) KW rear anti roll bar. Powder coated and powerflexed front wishbones. Greddy turbo timer. New reiger front grille with eyebrow. 2 New heated washer jets, genuine vw. New reverse light switch, genuine vw. £150 of mikalor stainless steel hose clamps. New cv boots, genuine vw. New steering rack boots, genuine vw. G12++ coolant. New oil filter, genuine vw. New oil. New oil filter housing, genuine vw. New knock sensor. Elring G60 head gasket set and Elring head bolts. New exhaust manifold studs and nuts. New turbo to manifold studs and nuts. New battery. Aluminum backed fiberglass heat shielding for harness and firewall. Lots of harnessflex engine loom split duct with y,t and amp plug end fittings. Lots of thin wall cable, various sizes and colors. Lots of spade type crimps. Lots of solder and heat shrink. 2 x 70A relays and 70A fuses and holders for headlights. New AMP fuel injector plugs and wireing (wired ready for future possible sequential injection) Waterproof enclosure for relays. Osram night breaker bulbs. BG44K Pro Grade Fuel Injector & Fuel System Cleaner. Cleaned and painted the engine block. Stripped, cleaned and rebuilt the rear calipers, now they work as they should. Adjusted the handbrake. Adjusted the bias valve. Fitted a new kenwood kiv-700 media headunit and a 160 gig black ipod classic. PICTURES 1 PICTURES 2 PICTURES 3 PICTURES 4 Probably a few other things i missed lol. My back aches but my "to do" list is slowly getting smaller! :clap: And next week im going to strip down the steering rack (oh joy of joys) Ive ordered a new full trw rack seal kit from vw but it is stuck in France at the moment due to the recent strikes :( Next... :salute:
  11. Fitted some brand new late front indicators. So now i finally have the full set, mint late head lights, mint late fog lights, and mint late indicators. :dance:
  12. Saturday: Clocked, built up and fitted a new IHI turbo charger. (IHI VF22 hot side, IHI VF34 cold side) On the way home from this years inters the old turbo blew its oil seals and shortly after destroyed its bearings which resulted in one jammed turbo, lots of smoke and oil dripping from the tail pipe, luckily i was only 19 miles from home. On closer inspection of the turbo last week it turns out that when Jabbasport did the conversion they did not fit an oil feed restrictor which is required on the ball bearing VF34 turbo to limit the pressure. No wonder it has always used so much oil. Spoke to Subaru who supplied more info about the correct oil restrictor banjo bolt. I changed the end of the braided oil feed line for an alloy banjo fitting (http://www.earls.co.uk) and fitted the Subaru oil restrictor banjo bolt. I also added an inline 25 micron alloy oil filter to the oil feed for good measure. Fitted new heat reflective pipe jackets to the turbo water and oil pipes while i had it all apart too. Sunday: I took the car to VAGfest everything working great. 4 runs up the strip. The new turbo seems to spool up sooner and the car now feels much smoother and responsive. :cheers: Next... :salute:
  13. Polished my eibach strut brace up. FItted bonnet bra to my carbon bonnet, had to drill 3 tiny holes into the fibreglass frame to fix the bra hooks into. :eek: The reason for bra is that i had a incident on Monday with a square lump of rubber about the size of a fist bouncing up the fast lane of the M5. A car was on my tail and there were cars to the left so i could not take avoiding action. I collected it on the front lip of the bonnet whilst doing 70mph :censored: Bonnet survived but smashed the clear coat on the front edge. Do corrados attract bad luck or is it just me lol. Fitted some new number plates as the old ones had water and dirt inside them. Fitted some silver bulbs into my clear front indicators. Gave it a good clean, t-cut and a vac ready for the trip to inters tomorrow. Meeting up with Monkey (Dave) the previous owner at inters. :thumbleft: Next... :salute:
  14. Fitted an eibach alloy front strut brace 8) Struggled and swore a few times taking off the nuts from my old brace. Ended up taking the front shocks off for better access. Fitted a pair of late front fogs (gleaming mint condition pair, cheers asdf) also fitted some sonar clear late indicators. I just need to get some tinted lamin-x for them all now to match the headlights and to protect them, they are a also a bit bling against the tined headlights. Fitted a vibratechnics gearbox mount. Cleaned and oiled my cone filters. Next... :salute:
  15. Fitted some genuine VR6 front top mounts, bearings and top plates. Wired my audi LED needles to come on with the ignition. Fitted an audi red led ciggy lighter (cheers Supercharged Junkie) Fitted an Audi R8 oil filler cap. Replaced my smoked EL auto-gauge oil pressure, boost and volt gauges with smoked EL auto-gauge oil temp, oil pressure and boost (cheers Supercharged Junkie) My existing gauges only had a 45 degree sweep on the needles so were hard to read. The new ones have a 270 degree sweep. Next... :salute:
  16. Fitted late style headlight glass to the headlights complete with brand new plastic surrounds and smoked lamin-x. (Many thanks StormchargedVR6) Removed eyebrow spoiler. Fitted my wideband gauge into the drivers side air vent. After owning the car for over two years i finally decided to scrape off the Nürburgring track sticker from the back of the car that was stuck on by the last owner. Polished up area where the sticker was with some t-cut. Next... :salute:
  17. My old fluro orange painted corrado needles with a uv cold cathode lamp above... (soon for sale) Audi l.e.d. needles fitted. The needles are not as bright and glowing as the picture looks as i took the pic in low light and its the best my camera could manage :shaking: To fit these i had to cut the centre white illuminated ring of the ddi's out with a craft razor to allow the led's of belizeanguy's gauges to poke through. I also had to sand a little off the tip of the speedo needle as it was was touching the alloy bezel rings. All in all a tricky mod, 6 gauge faces, 6 pairs of cables, plus the cables for my jsb shift lights. I hope i never have to go into the clocks again! :grin:
  18. Looked at all the dust on the car and decided i couldnt be bothered to clean it again, damn volcano :lol: Fitted VR6 style carbon fibre bonnet. Removed my MTX Audio stealth shelf and Fusion component rear speakers (for sale soon) and fitted an orignal corrado black rear parcel shelf and shelf supports with pyle speakers in them. Fitted red led illuminated needles to the dash gauges. Many thanks to Chris for meeting me with the above items and a pair of bumpers neatly packed into a 2 door mk3 golf early on a Saturday morning at a motorway services. Top bloke. :thumb right: While i was at it i also fitted some brand new early style headlight glass to each light and re-bonded the black surround to the glass at the bottom using some strips of black stuff from my work that is near identical to the orginal vw black goop. Next... :salute:
  19. Over the weekend i fitted some weitecs , my babys recaro seat :thumbleft: and removed my fk's :shock: 5 year old FK AK coilovers! the dampers inside were fine with no leaks. Picked up some early lights up on eBay for 99p, nearly brand new glass in both and reflectors/bodies/adjusters/surrounds are mint. Next... :salute:
  20. Fitted new top mounts on the front, repaired the power steering bracket for what seems like the :censored: ing 10th time :lol: Next. :salute:
  21. Spent the afternoon out in the sunshine cleaning and polishing inside and out. Removed red and clear in-pro rear lights and fitted some original lights with a red top tint and a high gloss lacquered finish. Fitted some passat rear door handles and latches (cheers chiller1) and also fitted some genuine vw latch covers. Really happy with the end results and as a bonus the passat latches have child locks which will come in very handy when my little un is up front. Next. :salute:
  22. Removed stock o2 sensor from de-cat pipe and fitted a bosch 4.2 wideband sensor in its place. Wired in wideband controller and gauge. Connected simulated narrowband output from controller to the ecu. Set co pot to roughly 14.7 at idle when the engine is warm. Glad to say that the car seems to be fueling perfectly. Next. :salute:
  23. Fitted some new front pads, Ferrodo DS. Gave everything related to front wheel area a good checking over, all tip top. Bled brakes. Fixed a small fuel pipe leak near the FPR. Next :salute:
  24. Made some smooth mirrors. Fixed a problem with the radio and then got carried away and decided to removed all of the factory speaker wires as they are not used anymore. Then decided to rewire and tidy up all of my dash mods as it was like a snakes nest in there. Replaced doth door membranes. Next... :salute:
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