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    Hi, Starting a thread to document progress now I am back with a Corrado(s). Background: Sold the white Corrado, missed it after a few weeks. Sold mk2 and mk3 on (don't miss at all a month later so right decision then). I looked at a few "highly" priced examples but wasn't happy with the bodyworks or history (i.e no chains etc). Decided, sod it, will buy a project and sort it out myself. Que Corrado number 1. A Twilight Violet Corrado VR6 appeared on eBay as a project but came with a lot of parts nice parts as well as the original parts to put it back to stock. She looks rough but had 107k on and I thought man maths that I could sell the parts I didn't want and put towards renovating the car. The only sticking point for me with the car was that it had zero history. It needs the jacking point welding and a repair to the top of the windscreen + a repaint. The trim rubbers are nice though and the parts meant I couldn't refuse the car as it means I've managed to get some parts I had always wanted (oil volt dials, recaro interior and a few other bits). I had psyched myself up to get rid of what I didn't want and start to sort the bodywork.
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    Corrado Number 2 Or 4 actually in ownership count. I had seen the car advertised on Facebook but was so disheartened from other cars I had viewed that I discarded it without even looking at it. Later the owner and I were trading some parts and by chance I gave him an incorrect wiring loom for a leather interior so went up to see him to swap over looms. I saw the Corrado and it had virtually none of the issues I had expected and it was a very nice car at a very fair price. 91k, VW and specialist annual servicing from 1994 - 2021, a long term owner between 2005-2021 and all original. The car had sat for over a year out of MOT as the previous owner had picked up abother dream car. I could see the car had some bush and brake line type MOT advisories so I asked for it to be MOTd and if it passed I'd buy it... it did pass.. so I picked it up on Sunday. It does have 2 areas of the rust - see pics - little scab on the wing and a scab in side in the fuel door area. I will get these fixed with new metal before they get worse. The car was resprayed in 2009, for £2350 inc VAT - how times have changed - and came with old style photos to show windows out, back to metal in areas. The paint is excellent in my eyes, just some swirl marks to polish out. No imperfections under my LED garage lights. It had new window and trim rubbers all round back in 2009. I felt confident if the paint had lasted this long and still looked good it must have been a decent job too.
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    Hello Everyone, A long standing school friend of mine has owned a VR6 for many years and I always loved the sound of the engine. Late last year I decided to take the plunge myself and I am now the owner of a VR6 Storm - Mystic Blue. Since there is a Corrado Forum sticker on the wondow, I suspect there are some members of the Forum who might recognise the car? The engine pulls really well but, unsurprisingly, the car has a number of issues that need sorting out and the knowledge on this Forum is going to be a very valuable resource! Although I have done a lot of my own mechanics over the years I currently only have a single garage which is a bit too tight for working on the car... so my first question to the Forum is does anyone know of a garage/mechanic who know the Corrado located in Suffolk or Essex (I live near Ipswich). If not I suppose I will have to make use of the Summer weather to do some jobs outside (at least I have plent of space on the drive !) My second question is regarding the engine started getting quite hot this week. When I checked the coolant level it was a tiny bit below the minimum level, but topping it up has made no difference. The strange thing is when I switch the ignition off the radiator fans start up, but when I switch the ignition on or start the car the fans are no longer running. Wonder if this is a common/known issue? However since it is getting hot even when crusing in top gear at 60 when I assumne the fans should not be needed would I be righ in suspecting the thermostat is not openeing fully? This VR6 is by no means concours but it is in my opinion in too good condition to break so I am determined to fix the mechanical issues first and then sort out the paintwork. I look forward to getting to know everyone Pete
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