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    Just to keep this updated, I have modelled an alternative to use with these circlips: 12mm x 10.45mm E Clips (DIN 6799) - Marine Stainless Steel (A4) (accu.co.uk) So I will get a test run done to try them out. Probably next month now, as I have been away and it's been an expensive month already. If they work OK, I will offer those for general sale. On the plus side the set I fitted to mine seem to be holding up well. Been on a couple of longer runs where they were needed in some heavy rain and don't seem to have any issues. All seem to still be nicely in place and keeping the linkage tight, with neither wiper fouling the windscreen trim. Very nice not to have the thuk, thuk, thuk accompaniment on a particularly rainy journey now!
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    afternoon all good news! having received another pm about looms we are up to 4 people so ive contacted Zak & he is happy to do another run. as per previous runs, he works offshore & sometimes for long periods so they will be done as soon as time & work allows. similar to the previous buys we will set a minimum quantity, once that is hit we will ask people for deposits & then final balance will be due once they are made & ready to ship could i please politely request that people only put their name down if they are certain they want a loom & are happy with the terms - unfortunately on the last run we had a couple of people who put their name down but then did not reply to any contact messages i will start to form a list once we have a bit more interest
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    Finally some traction today.... New ECU installed and the car has fired up into life!! Due to the weather couldn't keep it running for long but there is life ...... a bit of white smoke which we will need to look into however we have progress... 😉
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