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  1. Have you got any details for stealth ?
  2. Hi guys Need abit of info on the best place to get parts from to do a top and bottom rebuild on my Corrado g60 (early) It's on 170,000 now and is feeling abit tired. Anywhere about that does specific kits ?
  3. Yea they've sent s brief description but wanted to pick the brains of experience. Thanks guys
  4. The only thing left to get before fitting is the 3.5 bar fpr, it's been set up to my mods as requested. I just don't want to be fitting it incorrectly and causing problems. So get the car warmed up then unplug and set up the sensor ?
  5. Hi guys, my Sns tuning chip has just arrived but I'm not exactly electrically trained with car ecu's :) From the info I got prior it was going to be fairly simple (probably is) but according to the info I got with it I have to set the CO pot to 450 ohms.......... Has anyone done this DIY or would I be best off taking it down to merl in to let then set it up ??
  6. Ok thanks anyway bud
  7. If you have that would be perfect
  8. I'm after a 3.5 bar fpr for my g60, Sns chip has been shipped now and I've just realised I forgot this was needed....... Can anyone help ????
  9. Could you please send me some pics of the kit, very interested.
  10. I had this problem and it turned out my vacuum pipes on the back of the throttle body needed swapping round, could also be a split vacuum pipe causing odd readings
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