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  1. Sorry can't work out how to do this. Send me an email and I will reply with images [email protected]
  2. I just need to work out how to add photos
  3. 1992 g60 116000 on clock. Northampton £3500 Lots of paper work Red Private plate to resemble g60 C6OVW Just been MOT. Put a few new bits on for MOT as it hasnt moved for a couple years I have bought a house and have no time and no money. This car can be driven and does drive OK. But it has lots of niggly things that don't work and need doing to make it a great g60. Starting to rust. Want to sell it before it becomes too bad. Sunroof only pivets up. Spoiler does move. But not on the speed so something needs looking at. Probably other stuff just ask me. Am not selling this car as good condtion as it isn't. I don't want to see this car rot to the ground as I can't afford to do anything with it. So I want to sell it to someone who has the time for it. Dan 07730445225
  4. Danhowyn

    G60 intercooler

    will this cooler fit a corrado? FMIC ?
  5. Okay thanks alot buddy!
  6. Okay thanks dude How much should I be looking to pay for a pulley?
  7. Is anybody selling a 68mm pulley and belt? Or any recommendations of where to get one from? Thanks dan
  8. That's quite a while away from me pal! About 140 miles. And yeah some pictures would be good please? Would you beable to do postage? Thanks dan
  9. Ohh okay thanks alot mate! How much do you want for it? And where are you from? I could collect? Thanks dan
  10. My corrado has not been giving me any low end boost and kicking in around 3000rpm I do not have a recirculation pipe from charger to the by pass/blow of valve Also my valve cover breather goes straight to atmosphere! Does anybody no where I could get the pipes from or who has any for sale? Thanks dan
  11. Okay thanks a lot guys that sounds good! Would you be able to let me no a time and location please
  12. Hi there new to corrado's and I've just bought one! Just wondering if anyone in the northampton area with a corrado would want to meet up to compare/tips Just want some tips and see how it should be running and if it's running correct as I have no other experience of this car Thanks dan
  13. Okay thanks a lot for all that! I checked the timing and the previous marks (white paint) were In line and as far as I could see it was In time! The previous person could have marked it up wrong and the paint is in the wrong place tho? I didn't go of the actual markings as i couldn't see the marks on the fly wheel! And okay I'm more inclined for keeping it standard and not spending to much money, so original cam sounds good!
  14. Okay I thought it was a bit strange! Could it be a boost leak? And it has the standard mfa boost gauge which reads 1980 in 3rd! Would it be worth replacing the no lag chip for the standard one? As I don't no if it had a remap? Or will this not make a difference Also the throttle body by pass has no pipe on the bottom? It's just straight to atmosphere, creating a loud sneeze/dump when throttle let of! Okay I will have to check the cam timing as this is the symptoms the car is suffering from! I've seen people do cam changes? Recommend keeping standard or upgrading? Thanks a lot!
  15. I have a G60 corrado with supposedly a stage 5 rebuild and a no lag chip fitted! But boost kicks in around 3000rpm and doesn't feel overly quick! Is this normal? Thanks
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