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  1. Hello Mods, Would it be possible to delete this post as I've sold the Corrado. Thanks Sandy
  2. got 18*7 on my Corrado with a decent drop on the ride hight no arch mods
  3. Just got a couple of new bits fitted to my G60 (SNS chip & 68mm pulley) then a wee rolling session at Star Performance here's the results (didnae huve the water & methonal injection though) 227BHP at the flywheel 173bhp at the wheels 209 ft-lbs
  4. Check this site out the sound deading stuff looks quite good www.noisekiller.co.uk PS Ordered some of the engine bay soundproofing foam for my VR6 bonnet swap looks like quality stuff and its not to expensive (£65 delivered) compared to VW dealer prices. Cheers Sandy
  5. Hello Folks, Can a VR6 bonnet be used as a direct replacement for a G60 bonnet? Where is the best place to get some replacement under bonnet sound damping foam (Is that what it called)? Thanks in advance for any info Sandy
  6. Hello I've had koni coilovers on my G60 for 5 years. One of the seals went on one of the back struts around two years. Koni replaced the whole suspension (all struts) for free all they asked was the old one
  7. Just wondering I sent SNS a email to get a chip but I've not got a reply does anybody have a phone number for them. PS I'll get the injectors when I'll getting the chip
  8. I thought about getting a an oil cooler but even if I'm on a mission the oil temp never goes over 116. I always change the oil every 4,000 miles (quality oil). Take it I would need to get ma g60 to SNS for a custom map. PS I spoke to SNS they said I didn't need red tops as I was only running a 68mm pulley
  9. This is my engine spec at the moment AMD Chip & Pulley plus stage 4 conversion on the supercharger Vibratech front engine mount SWG twin g60 inlet K&N panel filter Super sprint cat bypass pipe Jetex stainless steel exhaust Water & Methanol injection Big valve head Super sprint manifold 4 to 1 Schrick cam Ported & polished throttle body Adjustable fuel pressure regulator (fuel pressure * 2) front mounted intercooler PS I'm going to get a SNS chip
  10. Sounds like its not worth the money so far. Ah well what else could I get :confused4:
  11. Hello Folks, I'm thinking about getting the above does it make much if a difference? PS where's the best place to get ARP studs for my g60 Cheers for any advise Sandy
  12. Sandy

    Head Gasket G60

    Hello Folks, I'm looking for a performance head Gasket for a g60 any ideas where I can get one? Thanks Sandy
  13. I was thinking if I kept ma G60 and went down the 16v g60 conversion route with this kit (BBM 16vg60 conversion kit) what kind of power would I be looking at? Or If I was to change the charger for this (BBM Supercharger Kit (Lysholm) MkII 1.8L Digifant II) what kind of power would I be looking at from that? Cheers in advance (love superchargers) Sandy
  14. Surely having the same Corrado for 11 years makes me a little bit of a fan (bearing in mind I'll only 31) :shrug:
  15. I think I'm going to sell the Corrado test drove a s3 yesterday well nice. Cheers for the offer though
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