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  1. Still can't PM you back but part 2 being sent today dude Sent from my Rome using Tapatalk
  2. Hiya was sent last week tried emailing you but wouldn't send lol Sent from my Rome using Tapatalk
  3. Pipes are sold unfortunately but I still have the rack
  4. Hi Sean. I notice that your updated looms have flown out, literally.

    I must say I'm impressed with the job you've done on them. Which leads me to ask if you'll be doing any more?.



  5. Oh bugger think of the top of my head grey is side light yellow is dip white is main
  6. Yes to the corresponding colours in the original loom
  7. After the window seal strip that sits on the inside of the door and the doorcard clips into.. just need the seal part not the doorcard part
  8. Through the hole next to the headlights along under the front cross member and back through the hole the other side :-)
  9. Ok so hopfully picking up an eaton m90 in the next couple days for the corrado... I gota take the head off as I have a knackered ring (no puns please) but wana know from experience weather I should run std compression at 6psi boost or drop it with a set of wisecos to 9:1? Thanks in advance Sean
  10. Not loosing fluid it you gently touch the pedal down without depressing it hard it will creep to the floor then if you lift it its fine again but still will creep if pressed slow.....
  11. A few weeks back my pedal stared getting closer to the carpet on the way home from work until I had nothing... Bled it it was fine for 2 days then the same again..... Eventually found a master cylinder new had to shorten it as it was ment for a Mk3 now it's feeling alot better but...... On the pedal box there's a stop for the clutch mine has been bent so my question is should it be set to touch at the masters max stroke or just before? It still sometimes doesent come right back up and need a couple pumps to get it working decent... Have ordered a new slave to put on the weekend just incase it's that.... Any ideas....
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