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  1. Hi Jim, When I click on the link it says I do not have permission to post. Reading below reveals 10 posts are in fact required to advertise. Hopefully other new users will find this knowledge helpful. Apologies, I really did just want to find a good owner for my car, if I had known actively participating in the forum was required I would never have bothered your community/forum with my request as I'm just not comfortable with this form of communication and I don't have 10 things to post about. Kind Regards Kirsty
  2. Well that's a shame. I thought this would be the way I could make sure my Corrado went to an enthusiast who would take up the mantle of caring for this amazing car and keep it in its original condition. I have nothing to 'post' about. I don't use forums, Facebook or Twitter. I just want my car to go to someone who will appreciate her. I guess I'll have to advertise the normal way and hope for the best which makes me really sad. I think you should change your rules or at least tell new users what they are. I can't see anything in the FAQs about the Classifieds section becoming available to users after a certain number of posts.
  3. Hi, I joined a couple of months ago in preparation to sell my Corrado (and some workshop manuals). Well, I'm ready but I can't see the 'post new thread' option in the classifieds section. It seems to appear everywhere else but the for sale section. Can someone advise me where I'm going wrong please? Thanks Kirsty
  4. Hello, I plan to sell my 2.0 16v 1995 C this year so I joined when I saw you have a classifieds section. She's in really good nick, very low mileage & low no. of owners so keep a look out...I think I'm nearly ready to say goodbye! Also, I have a full set of workshop manuals to sell, can someone advise me where to post these, I don't want to put them in the wrong forum...should I list under parts or the ebay & misc classifieds? Thanks Kirsty
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