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  1. 4x100 ET 33 Genuine VW stamped BBS RM012 Freshly rebuilt set of genuine VW BBS RM012. Centres painted in Audi grey and they look amazing. New chrome bolts all round. Rear dishes are brand new and fronts have been professionally polished. The wheels are show worthy wheels and come fitted with Toyo 195/45/15 tyres that have done no more then 4 miles. These are premium tyres and not cheap budget tyres! Not a mark on these wheels anywhere. All four dimple rings and bbs nuts have been painted too! Perfect wheels for a mk1/mk2/ Corrado and ready to bolt on and enjoy! I am open to offers but please bear in mind what it would cost you to build these from scratch and have Toyos fitted. However everyone likes a deal so get in touch. I would prefer collection so you can take a look at them in the flesh, have a coffee and we shake hands! I live in Leicester Looking for £1,200 Ono Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Faisal Hamed

    BBS RS301s

    I may be tempted to sell my RS301s... If someone's looking for some I've got too many bbs! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I originally bought these for a mk2 project which has now been put on a back burner. I decided to fit them on the mk1, but I'm not feeling them to be honest, I prefer my oz turbos so I am offering them for sale, and would prefer someone use and enjoy them. However I'm not in a mad rush, and am happy to put them back in the loft if I don't get any serious interest. I would like to explain that these have been fully rebuilt, the centres have been painted in the correct bbs silver and not any old silver. They have chrome bbs bolts all round, the proper bbs dishes and not after market ones, if you know your bbs you will know that these are proper bbs dishes by the way they go in before they come out (if that makes sense). I've also put the proper bbs valves and caps. The wheels are in unmarked. These bolt straight onto the car, they are the right offset and pcd pattern and do not require any messing about with spigot rings, or adopters or anything at all. I can't remember seeing a set of these come up for sale in the least few years, so this is a rare opportunity to acquire these very special wheels. I have fitted Nankang NS2 165/50/15s which fit perfectly with just a tiny bit of stretch and nothing silly. I've covered 250 miles this week on the wheels and they run perfectly, and remain as new. The refurb work has been carried out by Mike the polisher and it wasn't cheap. The wheels have been sealed with carbon collective wheel sealant. I've done the barrels, faces, spokes and centres and badges. This should protect them for two years from wet weather and stains etc. I've seen rough sets fetch daft money, and another forum member just bought a set with no tyres for £1,950!!!, I am looking for £1,850 Ono and that includes the tyres. I will run the alloys to Stanford Hall this weekend and then am happy to remove them. If you want to have a look at the wheels on Sunday, please come over and say hi. I'm based in Leicester and if you are interested, please drop me a message and I would be happy to send you my number. This is a genuine reluctant sale of a seriously scarce set of wheels with original bbs hardware. In my opinion the perfect wheels for a mk1/2 / Corrado but I'm an Oz Turbo fan personally. Have plenty more pics for those that are interested! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Set of five wheels, one unused and brand new. The brand new spare has a minor storage mark on it, which would probably polish/buff out. The other four are pretty mint with one minor kerbing mark and one with a tiny bit of lacquer peel. Both of these are extremely minor but I would rather be up front and honest. Neither of these things are visible when the wheels are on the car to be honest. damage. Four very good 195/45/15 tyres, two recent new Yokohamas and two Bravaruis tyres. All have between 5-6mm tread all round. These are the rarer grey version with diamond cut lips and lacquer, making them winter friendly and easy to use all year round without having to worry about polishing the lips all the time. They are 15x7.5j, et25 and 4x100. I'm based in Leicester and would prefer collection. But can use Paisley freight to courier them if you really want. £575 Ono 07759 823366
  5. Ok cool thought so, sent you a text...
  6. Are you Scott, the same person who I've had a text conversation with? If so I'll text you
  7. Hope they help show the condition further....apologies for posting some Pics twice
  8. Nope nothing, they are pretty mint bar some flaking paint on the bolts, if you want any more pics just let me know
  9. Hassan is my brother. The alloys weren't new in April, we bought them off another forum member, but then decided to take the car in a different direction. Just to let you know they have recently been fully sealed with Poorboys Wheel sealant and have had several coats and have been unused since so are ready to bolt on!
  10. If you don't ask you don't get lol, you're right. If your seriously interested drop either of us a PM and we can talk
  11. Cheers Paisley freight are also very good
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