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  1. Anyone know of any adverse effect of running a VR without a Lambda sensor? Isn't the lambda ignored on wide open throttle? Thanks
  2. Why is that? Isn't the lambda ignored at wot though
  3. Hi Dox, I've ordered a new one now anyways. Was just concerned about running the car in the meantime without a lambda as im using it daily atm as my TT has gone poop, so looking for a new car. Would you expect any adverse effects running it as until the new lambda comes Much appreciated
  4. Hi Keyo, don't worry about this, that's never been a problem :smug:
  5. Hi Dox, so it will be running permanently rich to protect it's self? Strange it got great fuel economy, although it did feel a little flat at low revs
  6. Can a ODB1 Distributor based VR6 run fine without a lambda sensor?? Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, searched through posts but couldn't find what I was looking for. I have just fitted a Stainless Power Sprint exhaust yesterday, I picked up used for a great price and it's in excellent condition, the original exhaust has lasted the life of the car, 27 years but was pin holed throughout. It's a bit naughty as it's designed to fit the VR6 without the cat in place. The existing lambda sensor was pretty much welded in the original exhaust so couldn't remove and fit it. Luckily the used Power Sprint exhaust has the old lambda sensor still fitted minus the wiring, so i installed it all which fitted beautifully but with a disconnected lambda. My guess is it only needs the lambda to protect the original cat and for emmission control. I took the car to work and back today and it got the best MPG readout iv'e ever had! Oh and my god the original system weighs more than a mountain Thanks
  7. I think i've found them. Don't you love the internet!!:dance:
  8. This is avaliable on Amazon luckily, however; do I need to by a whole new unit or just attempt to fix that fuse if I can? Maybe wire in a inline fuse 30amp I think it is, but that would look messy wouldn't it lol.
  9. Thing is the fuse just looks like a strip of metal, no casing and I can't seem to find something suitable fuse wise anywhere. J-REG Photo is my old G60 so ignore that. Car is a 1993 VR6 (Early Distributor Model)
  10. Hi all, so the temps in the VR have been rising. Note, engine has been rebuilt with all new switches ect The fans haven't been kicking in. Figured out the likely culprit is this! I'm guessing this is a fuse and a beefy one at that. Can I replace this or do I have to replace the whole unit? Any other input would be great Thanks
  11. I rebuilt the engine myself with help from the old man here and there. Once the rebuild was finished I just cranked the engine over without fuel or ignition until oil pressure was good. Once all connected it fired up on the first turn of the key, tappets ticked for about 10 minutes and since then I've never heard anything. It runs smooth as butter now.
  12. Finally got my VR back on the road after a complete timing tensioner failure, last year. It bent two valves and had no compression. It wasn't much of a surprise, original chains on 194,000 miles, the engine looked it's age and everything needed replacing. First trip out and an update. And now were back in action! https://previews.dropbox.com/p/thumb/AAYwrJr3-_YhOJMAnn5_qKhNsHznyNcvJ-Vc310E-cpQSIVzDCIjXZDAv_RqAeo_BpHpdLw-apaa9JRSMuNs4SP_8IlOg4hXYsUXsc2X2OELg7afk-yKlm4EhTekFpRrb7qWZfswSgHb7sYVGPDTrv_oagEOUBwqBUrbhxnQ5sPdAq7ao4wwittIMwplebF3eHn0rRorMEav0WjrGUObKEDDpTk_Kvd5k7BSsTYm_PkzvnyitUiv3CHcAx72kQ5x12M03QIOUbvKkxltokynRmLHsn6VePJL2PKg9a3Nww4jnC4eQIUp1448eDfsrafIvTc58IvRwKvDIfsQvJDTV6KkqRyhlLE_Sex_ZegquGG13b3K2Qcmiwpeme-ZY3YNADsD761yolgaRAJu4T8zp4J0/p.jpeg?size=2048x1536&size_mode=3
  13. I never did find a decat pipe, the only company that I could find was Jetex but these are designed to fit with their own systems/ Probably could be modified though. Still running the standard exhaust, can't believe it's 26 years old and still fine. Madness!
  14. Hi mate, No trimming needed on the pipe just on the 45 degree bend a slight trim on the single piece extension hose for the MAF plug to reach. [/img] Hope that helps
  15. No worries mate, Upload a pic here when you've fitted and admired the new shiny intake.
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