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  1. No tbh mate I’ve not been to that, I hadn’t even heard of it, and Chester lakes is literally about 2 mins from my house haha! Will have to check it out when the car is fixed!
  2. Ah okay, yeah not too far then. I’ll see how I get on checking it over and let you know. Really appreciate the offer mate 👍🏻
  3. Really? There was always fuel pressure though and it cranked solidly every time. I thought there’d be no power to the starter if the ignition switch went?
  4. Update, it’s now home. Yesterday was a much warmer day here, and after a morning in the sun, tried it at lunch and it started perfectly, so took the opportunity and drove it home, which it did flawlessly. So I’m thinking it’s definitely water in a sensor or connector somewhere, I’ll try and go round and check/ test everything mentioned in this thread over the weekend. Thanks for all your help guys! Glad its home now. Dox if you are close to Chester and wouldn’t mind scanning it that could be helpful! Whereabouts are you?
  5. That's interesting, and definitely worth checking, thanks mate. I'll have a look. Mine has a decat but still has a lambda fitted, don't think there's any other sensors down there though.
  6. Thanks so much for your help so far by the way guys, really appreciate it!
  7. Okay, I can do that, moisture was my first thought too but as I said a check of the coil, dizzy, plugs and leads seemed to show no problems, and I do have a spark as it fired and ran. There’s defo fuel in the lines as loosening the clip by the rail causes it to p### out It was probably a good few inches, checked the filter and it was dry, as I said can’t see any water in the ignition electrics either. I did wonder if there is a fuel breather that perhaps I’ve pulled some water through Yes I was unsure whether I was getting fuel in the cylinders so will do this when I get back to the car with a plug socket. Currently it’s stuck at work, 30 miles from home
  8. Having some issues with my VR, and I’m hoping one of the experts on here can come to the rescue. Car is a ‘92 VR6 Long story, Tuesday morning had to drive through a bit of a flood to get to work, but it was very close to the office, so I stopped almost straight after. Then at the end of the day, it started but cut out after around 30 seconds, no sputtering, just cut. Then it would crank but couldn’t get it to fire. Left it at work and then this morning, still wouldn’t start, cranked but no firing, lunch time cranked and fired maybe once but wouldn’t run, end of the day tinkered with it a bit and it gradually fired more and more over a few goes, and then started running. Got about a mile down the road and it cut out again, and would again crank but not run. Checked ignition system, all seems okay, checked spark, it’s there, checked ecu plug, all clean, check fuel pressure in at the rail, plenty Initially I thought something had got damp in the flood but I couldn’t see any water anywhere and now the only thing I can think is maybe the crank sensor has gone and is stopping the injectors from firing? Can I check the crank sensor with a multimeter on continuity? Should get a pulse when cranking right? If you’ve read all that thanks, and any help would be really appreciated!
  9. Thats a really kind offer mate, I'd be dubious wether they would fit though! I've bought a new cap now so hopefully that will work with the leads I already bought that didn't fit!
  10. Yep those are the ones I have here. Maybe I need to replace the dizzy cap as well. It’s just annoying me that I have bought a set that fit in the past!
  11. Yeah I have the Bosch ones from heritage here in my hand, but the dizzy end doesn’t fit. The ones on the car are Bosch too though, but obv not the same
  12. Thanks mate, it did cross my mind about the Galaxy but all the images and diagrams I can see on Galaxy sets look like the wrong type too. So annoying cos I must have bought the ones that fit before!
  13. First off, car is a 1992 VR6, with the distributor on the block and the single coil pack on the scuttle tray. So long story short I've had a bit of a nightmare with this, the other week while doing the plugs one of the HT leads came apart at the plug end. I know I've replaced the leads in the past but I'm having real trouble sourcing a set that fit now, and if anyone could provide any info or links to a set that will fit that would be a big help. I've had 3 sets from Euro parts and one from VW heritage that do not fit. The coupling on the plug end has been fine every time, but the distributor end is wrong. Mine are sort of set back in to the lead, I'm told its an M4 type. Struggling to upload pics of the leads from my car, will keep trying!
  14. Thule Kit 094 for VW Corrado, with Thule 950 gutterless foot kit, and Thule 477 short roof adaptor - All in decent condition, I bought a while ago to fit to my Corrado but never needed to, so they have just been collecting dust since. There are no bars with these parts so you will need to either already have or purchase your own Thule square bars (761), these are readily available new and second hand. Also there are a couple of bits I need for my car so could maybe swap with cash either way, mainly I need bits to fix my sunroof. I'm looking for £100 for them, and can post in mainland UK for £10 on top of that [ATTACH=CONFIG]95225[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]95233[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]95232[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]95231[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]95230[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]95229[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]95228[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]95227[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]95226[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]95234[/ATTACH]
  15. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows if the wiper linkage from the motor to the rest of the linkages (536 955 325) are still available from anywhere? Heritage don't have them anymore and I found an old thread on here where someone was selling them but that's about it. If not then has anyone used a repair clip thing? Or could I buy a LHD one and cut it down? Thanks for any help!
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