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  1. Hello guys, I did not managed to work on my car, however, i have managed to find a youtube video with a mk2 golf G60 with apparently the same simptoms as mine. Any ideas that come to mind? It really sounds exactly the same and puffs the same quantity of black smoke when floored. Thanks.
  2. Hello Guys, I’m back with some updates. The FPR will arrive in few days so couldn’t test it, however, i removed the old FPR, and after 4 months of not running even once, it still had fuel in. Isn’t it supposed to drain if the FPR is busted? Secondly, cheched my vacuum lines and found a line that is not in great shape. It’s the line from the back of the throttle body to the carbon canister shutoff valve. Can a boost leak here cause all of my problems? I don’t quite get the way the Carbon canister works. Thanks!
  3. Thanks, Will definitely check it out.
  4. Hello guys, thanks for the help, I’ll try to replace the FPR, the overfueling issues were there since I got the car, with the original G60 lader which has gone unfortunately. The G65 however did not do any modification to this. It was still overfueling even if the afr should be higher. The problem is that i have no idea what the previous owner did to the car before selling it to me as he knew absolutely no english, and I don’t know how to speak dutch... Also, no other mods have been done, haven’t yet replaced the injectors, nor the FPR, so now it should run rean rather than rich when flooring it.(at least from my logic) Keep you posted on what happens after I change the FPR and make sure once again that the Ignition is spot on and hopefully it is finally working fine after 3 long years. Thanks.
  5. After loads of problems, i finally managed to remain with just a bit left for my G60. When I first got the car, it was overfueling pretty badly across the rpm range, while idling and so. After a lot of servicing, for the past 3 years i’ve done as following: rebuilt the supercharger(g65 now) replaced the vac hose from ECU to throttle body, replaced oxygen sensor, replaced plugs and wires, replaced distribuitor, realigned the whole engine( the previous owner had the timing belt replaced, but I was unsure about the correctness of it since the car ran pretty badly), replaced blue temp sensor, set the intake potentiometer to ~500ohm, replaced the coil pack. After all these changes, the car will run smoothly at idle, if slowly pressed the accelerator it will be all nice and smooth, if got up to speed it will balance itself nicely, the problem is when flooring it suddenly, it will overfuel and will start sputtering a cloud of black smoke. Also, recently noticed that for the first minute or so, i need to constantly keep it in region of 1-1.5k rpm otherwise it’ll cut out(just first start in a cold morning) I was thinking maybe the FPR? What do you guys think? Maybe electrical?
  6. bgilca

    G60 running rich

    Hi, Thanks for the advice, the timing and idle will be done(by the mechanic, the only one in my area that knows the G60's... not so many options in Eastern Europe I guess) when the new O2 sensor is in, as for the ISV is buzzing when ignition ON, and if I crank the car over with it disconnected, it will idle rubbish and over fuel, so that one is working. The CO pot is set by multimeter at 520 Ohms, BTS was changed a few months ago with OE one from the dealer and a new Bosch induction coil. The timing belt and serpentine belt was replaced together with a freshly rebuilt charger in July, so I guess it's just the tune up that needs to be done now. If you guys can think of anything useful, I'm open to it. Thanks.
  7. bgilca

    G60 running rich

    Hi guys, Finally have sorted the car this week(it was the vacuum hose from the TB to the ECU) and now the car runs just fine(no smoke or mis-firing). However, it still developed some issues; it seems to run too lean now. when on wot, it barely accelerates, although it revs fine. Also, when revving it while standing, the idle seems to be a bit dodgy, like, from 3k rpm drops normally to just under 1.5k , stays there for 2 seconds then drops further to 1k rpm for another 2 secs then drops to like 850 rpm. At the moment, my money go on a dodgy O2 sensor. Ordered it already, waiting for my mechanic to replace it together with the spark plugs next week. hope it solves my issues. If you think of anything else, I'm open to suggestions. Thanks.
  8. bgilca

    G60 running rich

    Hello guys, sorry for such a late response, i barely got time to take a look at the car in the past couple of months or so, so my current state is as follows: Car still runs a bit rich however, much better than before. I tweaked the distribuitor( after o month of pain trying to get it unstuck) and it seems to be improved a bit, when cold there can be seen a bit of smoke however, when it warms up, it cannot be seen at idle, however, when revving the car it stil emmits quite a lot of it. I checked the blue temp sensor, isv, wot switch. Any ideas on what can I do next?
  9. bgilca

    G60 running rich

    thanks for the help, i'll post here the results after i'm done. however, the car is currently being kept in another city so i wouldn't expect to be able to do much work on it in the following weeks.
  10. bgilca

    G60 running rich

    Nope, it does it all the time, no matter what temperature. I'll check the ignition timing, also, would i be able to change the auxiliary shaft better than just to compensate it with the distributor? it's a hobby car so i'm keen to make things just right(no workarounds and whatsoever), i know it's a long way until i'll be able to drive it, but i'm ok with that.
  11. bgilca

    G60 running rich

    Yeah, when reving it emits black smoke, also, if i'm not careful with the clutch when taking off, it would loose power for a moment, while the car behind me is covered in black smoke. And when i'm saying loss of power, i mean i cannot take off at all until it started reving(it's not reving for a few seconds although i got my pedal to the metal)
  12. Hy guys, I just bought myself a g60 and the problem is that is running a bit rich, however i had good mpg(30 on highway doing 60-65mph) and i didn't saw any similar threads that have the same issues. My problem is that it smokes when idle and a bit when running however, it's not the case to see the smoke in the mirrors, just my friends told me when following me. the smoke smells like gas and after replacing the spark plugs it started to be a bit better(holding idle straight away instead of loosing rpm and then bouncing back when pressing the clutch). the previous owner said that he replaced the blue temp sensor last month. also he said that the timing belt was replaced then(i was thinking maybe a +-1 tooth on the timing belt is causing it). also, i don't know if it's normal or not, the coolant stays at 80C(shouldn't it be 90C?). after driving it back home(around 2.5k km) i saw that the coolant level dropped a bit under the min, however i don't see any leaks and if they were visible i think that the car would lose the coolant more drastically. what do you think?
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