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  1. mrbeige


    Hey chaps, good to see a few faces I remember! Yeah, 130miles a day to and from McLaren sucked ass. Not any more, got a new job, which is MUCH closer.
  2. mrbeige


    Afternoon folks! Been a long while since I've been on here and indeed owned a Corrado, thought I'd say 'ello. Might be in the market for another one, as The Passat is getting a bit long in the tooth (210k miles) and since my commute has gone from 130miles a day to 34, I don't need a car that is so 'efficient'. Keeping an eye out for a VR that needs saving....
  3. Bought a jsb shift light with it installed into a late model dash with the trip computer. I have a problem I'd like some help with not relating to the product if you would be so kind. With the dash installed the indicator light for the drivers side is on constantly as a dim light and when you indicate either way only that side flashes. This is on the electronic dash. Now when I put the mechanical dash in the indicators work perfect. Any ideas as to why the electronic dash is playing up? I have 2 electronic dashboards and both are coming up with the same problem. Thank you Pete

  4. Hey Stu,


    Hows things? have you still got a Corrado? See the Gooney on another forum a while back :(

  5. I'll have to ask the wife, as it's her kit and she wanted to sell as a job lot.
  6. For sale: Kenwood KDC-W6527SE head unit. Same as the KDC-W6527 but has a 24-bit Burr Brown DAC in it! User Manual JBL GTO755.6 6-channel amplifier JBL GT4 12" sub in box (model number to be confirmed) £120 ono
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