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  1. misterbeck

    Sunroof parts

    Great thanks Matt. Heading - Sunroof parts required. Mid-drive chariot Drivers right side - with toggle/catch Much appreciated.
  2. For Corrado VR6 1995 model. The black seat with the purple triangle retro pattern. Seat needs to be in good condition with no rips or tears on the bolster and cloth in good condition. Thanks.
  3. Thanks. Yes it’s the entire sunroof cassette.
  4. Thanks. Thats very close - i can call them for a quote. I got quoted by a local mechanic 8 hours (a whole day) labour at £70 per hour + vat. Were talking almost £700 to do the job. is there not a guy near Godalming who does sunroofs + a corrado sunroof specialist in Gloucestershire too?
  5. Can anyone recommend a mechanic or vw secialist who could swap out a broken sunroof/mechanism with a working version of the same? Preferably in the south or south east uk.
  6. Thanks for advice. You have now persuaded me to stick with my original exhaust. ATB
  7. My mileage is only 74k so think i may follow your advice too and retain the original for as long as possible. Dont like the idea of it 'booming' either. I thought the resonated MCXVW216 version would be ok noise wise...
  8. Not sad at all! I appreciate the advice. I was thinking to change the exhaust to a newer SS version and Milltek seemed the obvious choice. Allegedly it adds another 15-20 bhp to the performance too... But at the same time i am mindful that i dont want to lessen the integrity of the car, especially as there is still a fair bit of mileage left in the current OEM exhaust.
  9. If you had the choice which would you prefer? The original OEM exhaust is in good working order. Stainless steel exhaust is Milltek Cat-back Resonated with Polished Oval Tip System Number: MCXVW216 Would appreciate some advice on this...
  10. Has anyone got a used and working sunroof + mechanism they want to sell?
  11. Hi all, Im trying to get hold of a new or used sunroof cable - part no 1HO-898-014A. I got a feeling this is going to be obsolete though. Can anyone help with this?
  12. sure Geeba i will do. It does take up a lot of space ;)
  13. i am replacing late sports cloth interior - black with small purple diamonds. But i think i want to hang onto that for the time being.
  14. The journey was too far for me as i live in Surrey
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