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  1. So after cruising eBay I managed to bag myself a set of 16" TSW's for £83, Coilovers £60, Badgeless grill £11.75 and a set of side indicators for £11. Gotta love a bargain hunt ha :dance:
  2. Will the exhaust fit 2.0 16V? Also location for collecting :)
  3. This little beauty was taken in as a PX at a garage and I got it for a steal at £700. Took her for a MOT, after a couple of new bulbs she flew through!!!!! 2.0 16v 140k miles no rust/rot clean interior Sunroof works spoiler works Mirrors don't work, any suggestions?? Wheels are a eye sore too ha First mods New leather gaiters Badge less grill new side indicators headlight wiring loom red tint rear lights
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