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  1. Haha the Germans have some funny words, found a good price at carservicepacks if you guys are looking for any. Thanks for the recommendation.
  2. Also what oil do you guys run in your vr6? Currently there is Mobil 1 inside the car but not having ran for 2 years and constantly being turned over I suspect it's more petrol than oil. I would use Mobil 1 again but they no longer make a 10-30/40, after some research on the forums I think Castrol semi synthetic would be good for the engine. Also I'm thinking of running BKR5EKUP plugs, any different recommendation?
  3. Thanks guys, gonna get some brasso and vaseline and have a go tomorrow
  4. I appreciate all your help, you're like a corrado Wizard. I managed to get most things working today and got the dashboard in as well. Next on the list is trying to fix the door mirrors as they don't work lol. Back to the wiring diagrams again. Thank you once again sir.
  5. Yes that is the correct cable, it is a constant live and the other connector in that block is used for the fuel pump.
  6. Hi Si, Thanks for your help once again, I think I worded my question wrong as there is a single black connector that comes off of pin d6 on the fusebox. If u look in the picture you can see the red connector block at the end of the fusebox the black wire going into there it is a single connector. I will have a look and see if I can connect it to g1/12. But there are a few unidentified wires so I may put the car back together and see what doesn't work and then go from there. for an old car there sure are a lot of wires.
  7. I think it's more making a mess and then fixing it, but i'll get there.
  8. Hi guys, Good news my corrado is finally running turns out I had to replace the ECU, distributor, fuel pump and also the main ECU relay was missing. I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me where connector d/6 from the fusebox goes to, I think according to the Bentley manual the wire goes back into the fusebox but if I plug it back where I found it, the car will stay running even with the key out. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Thank you for all the information, I'm only 21 so I've never really dealt with distributors and stuff. It is much appreciated. This is all on the list of things to check on the weekend. The main coil has power, so the king lead is good, but doesn't go past this. The 3 pin plug attached to the coil has power, but the one on the dizzy is all negative. I have replaced the main coil, bcm, HT leads, tried a different fuse box also. I am thinking of pulling the ecu apart, rigging a test bench and checking the resistors and such using a multimeter. But want to rule out all other issues first.
  10. Hi guys, Thank you for your replies, I will test the multi plug as u suggested. As for the ignition coil its brand new, I think this is the place where another 3 plug is connected but only one HT lead comes out of? I have replaced the rotor arm and cap but not the whole dizzy. If I pull the distributor will this give me any indication if it is okay or not? Or just change it?
  11. Hi, I have a 93 corrado vr6. Currently the car is a non starter, the car cranks and is getting fuel just no spark. I am receiving a signal at the distributor (main lead) but it doesn't go anywhere past that. The the 3 wire plug attached to the dizzy is not giving me any reading. Looking at google I'm lead to believe that this goes direct to the ecu and I require a new ecu. Does anyone have any idea of what I can do apart from getting a new ecu?
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