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  1. Yes, It has been Converted to OBD2 at some point. Standard cams are fitted. Vince told me by then It wasn't worth add Cams to the schrick manifold, power wouln't be increased on adittion to the manifold performance
  2. Since then the car has done hardly a couple of thousand miles. It has been registered in Spain in 2019 as I moved back from the UK 2 years ago now. She lives now garaged all year long and gets serviced every spring for the summer season. Only touches the road when they are clean and Dry and the only water the car sees is the one from the jet pressure washer. This month, I´ve done some works o her. Suddenly the car started to misfire randomly under smooth acceleration, so I decided to change Coils, HT leads and spark plugs. Now seems to be running so Smooth. I´m planning for this winter a full strip out of the underneath area and get rear axle, wishbones, subframe powder coated to preserv her for a long time. I´m planning to fit some performance anti roll bars and a oil radiator, as here in spain is really needed for the vr6 model. Any questions, thoughts , suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks to everyone
  3. Summer 2017 Europe Road trip In July 2017 Took the car for an europe Road trip UK-Brugge-Nurburgring- Suisse- Italy- South of France-Monaco-Andorra-Spain, nearly 5K miles and not a single issue apart of an annoying rear wheel bearing that had to be replaced when I arrived to spain to my parents place. Nurburgring Switzerland Lake Como ( Italy) And finally arrived to Spain (home), meeting her new garage mate (astra gte) And finally a deep service including wheel bearing change and full cleaning inside out.
  4. More Updates from 2017 Schrick Manifold Fitted. Bought from a Forum member, ( Very nice guy) A good friend of mine got rid of his MK5 r32 and gave me the BMC Filter with the silicon hose needed for fitting it to the VR6 MAF. I wasn´t sure if this was a performance inprovement as I fitted it together with the schrick Manifold , but definetely a sound inprovement! And after a couple of weeks with the manifold I had to visit Vince for a remap to get the most out of the mods However doing the preflight checklist for remaping, Vince found out the lambda values of the car were wrong and the car was overfueling. That could explain why the car failed the MOT a few weeks before due to high emissions New Lambda sensor was fitted in place and wiring had to be sorted out as somebody before messed out with the lambda connections. Once the lambda started firing the right values, the remap was successfully completed
  5. After a long time with no updates I would like to sumarise all major works carried out on this vehicle during my Ownership. I´m sure many of the old owners will be glad to see this beatiful car still driving around. Original bbs rs in 15" where fitted to the car back in 2016. Then to solve some handling problems the front wishbones were revised. Them where previously polybushed but they where in quite bad condition. Front ones of the wishbone had a lot of play between the bolt and the powerflex cylinder, New Oem bolt and brand new bushes where fitted. For the Wisbone rear ones, the polybushes where swapped by the Oem Lempforder from r32 MK4 ones.. After this mod and steering wheel aligment the handling problem was solved Properly washed High beam Bulb yellow covers and 90mm Front lip. (I was quite lucky to be able to get this one brand new)
  6. Hi all As I explained on a different post, this corrado belongs to me since februrary 2016. I bought her in Inverness and I´ve been using her since them. Currently the car has been exported to Spain, that´s the reason why apperars as sorn at the DVLA records.
  7. A few more pictures of the interior current condition....
  8. Thanks, they are just 15's.front ones are 7 inch wide and rear are 9 inches.
  9. Hi all. I'm still the owner of the vehicle. I have used It today! It has been exported to Spain as I've moved back in 2019,that is the reason why appears as sorn. The car still in very good condition as I keep It garaged over every winter and only use It when is dry & Sunny. Have a look yo the pictures, un one of them you can see the spanish registration plate. That's how the car looks at the moment. During my ownership I've fully restored the cream leather recaro, fitted original dash dials back, leather steering wheel, genuine bbs RS. On the exterior , Removed rear clear inpro tailights and fitted the original back, front 90mm spoiler , yellow high Beam bulbs covers and vr6 front badge. For the engine... Shrick manifold and remap at Stealth. The car had a couple of mechanical familiares but nothing mayor, thermostat housing crack, alternativa and adicional eléctric coolant pump had a leak. Next winter I'm planning to take engine out, subframe, wishbones, rear acle and get everything sandblasted and powercoated and fit everything back. Hope I'll update all the progress here, M660GGJ still Alive guys! Currently is showing 148k miles on the clock BEST regards Luis
  10. If you have any, please let me know it. Mine just broke today Cheers
  11. I'm not in a rush of selling it... But I haven't received any good offer yet. A guy rang me offering 1500...
  12. Well Guys finally i'm going back to spain and i have to sell my rado. I've had it for one year and during this year i've been looking after it very good. Here i send you the link of the advert in Autotrader. Asking for 7500. O.N.O. During my ownership i've done this work on the car: New thermostat, thermostat housing and crack pipe Radiator Flush, new coolant bottle and g12 coolant Aux coolant bosh pump brand new Quantum synta oil and Mann filter New bonnet cable Bbs Rs genuine 15x6,5 and 15x8.5 fully refurbished by a split rims professional Alternator refreshed with new bearings and new brushes & voltage regulator New alternator belt New front abs sensors New powerflex and genuine r32 front bushes with brand new bolts Brand new front 90mm splitter from vw heritage. (50mm included as well) Crystal yellow caps for high beam lights Schrick obd1 Manifold with obd2 conversion plate. (the car has been converted to OBD2 a few years back) Just the bbs rs proffesionaly refurbished cost me 1300 and the schrick manifold..... you know. Please ask if you have any question about the car. Cheers http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201701291787371?model=CORRADO&make=VOLKSWAGEN&radius=1500&advertising-location=at_cars&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly%20New&onesearchad=New&sort=price-asc&postcode=cv325er&page=1
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