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  1. looks like i have got hold of some inpro's elsewhere, but thanks for looking.
  2. Im after a pair of inpro or sonar headlights, don't care if they are LHD black or chrome. Let me know what you have and how much you want.
  3. Just ordered a twin camera HD dash cam, has one camera built in to it and a tiny remote one to mount in the rear screen, so if it ever happens again at least I've got the evidence, just wish i had bought it before the crash.
  4. They actually valued it while i was on the phone to them, the girl i was speaking too said they couldn't find a match to it in glasses guide, and then said she was looking on pistonheads website, luckily she was looking at some of the higher priced ones with lower miles. Im picking up a screen on saturday so hopefully back on the road soon.
  5. just looking for a windscreen now, problem is they cancelled the insurance as soon as they wrote it off, i cant get it re-insured until its been MOT'd and the screen is cracked so i need to get hold of a second hand screen.
  6. got all the bits i need now apart from a windscreen, so this can be locked now thanks.
  7. It looks like i might be getting all the bits i need this saturday, fingers crossed.
  8. yeah cant do any harm, i am willing to travel long distance if the bits are really good, and depending on price. ---------- Post added at 10:04 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:00 PM ---------- yeah i have seen it about a couple of times, i can usually drive 1000 miles in a week and only see 1 corrado, although driving home a few weeks ago found myself in a queue with 2 other corrado's in the middle of wrexham.
  9. i'm near Brymbo, might have seen you around a couple of times, keep seeing a white 16v and a red VR but i'm usually in the van.
  10. I'm after an early offside (drivers side) wing, tornado red would be great, but any colour would be fine as long as its straight with no dents or filler. also need an early front bumper, again tornado red would be great, i do have one in alpine white that i bought off ebay but it turned out to be a bit of a mess when it arrived. an offside front indicator, early type, very small cracks or scratches might be acceptable. a bonnet, dont really care if early or late, tornado red or black prefered but anything will do as long its straight and free fom rust or filler, willing to travel long distance for the right one. let me know what you have got and how much you want. thanks.
  11. Update:- the insurance have finally paid out, they gave me £2000 minus the excess and buy back so not too bad considering its done 180k, i picked all the bits up last friday in tornado pink and stripped all the bent bits off yesterday, and apart from the wing and bonnet there is surprisingly little damage, although the lower rad support panel was completely rotten which i was expecting as i bought a spare a few months ago, just need to get it booked in for paint, also using it as an excuse to renew all the bushes, swap the coilovers, fit new exhaust mounts, and fit a slim fan to the oil cooler.
  12. Just had a heart stopping email from the insurance company, to say they have declared it as an uneconomical repair, and that they have arranged for a salvage company to pick up the vehicle! Phoned them straight away and they have cancelled the collection luckily, so i still just need to wait for an offer from them.
  13. Great thanks, just need to keep searching for parts now. Just won an early slam panel on ebay, and luckily its in glasgow where im working all next week. the assessor has been and taken photos, checked the tyre tread, mileage and VIN number so just need to wait on the inevitable insulting offer from the insurance company, lol
  14. Will fitting late front arches mean i will also need late arch liners? good to know the rears are the same though.
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