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  1. Just found this thread, wonder where it is now then??? http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?43672-Supercharged-VR6&highlight=tom+ingram
  2. So picked up the Corrado yesterday, absolutely love the way Corrado's smell inside. The car is a 1996 Mystic Corrado Storm, I have been coveting for about 7 years now, so am really pleased to finally own it. Its a one owner car (well actually two on the log book, husband & wife as sadly the husband passed away in 2008)it was the prize possession of the widow and we had many many conversations about the car, I think she was troubled by my job and although I told her I would keep the car, she and I both knew that if someone came into the showroom and offered me the right money for it I might of sold it! Anyway, its odd how things work out, I am taking a break from German Marques for a while and sadly she died at the start of the year. Her daughter found my note and gave me a call and I am pleased to say i managed to do a deal, I am chuffed because now it means I can keep it. I was chatting to my neighbour this morning him and told him I was selling my 911 to keep the corrado, he looked at me like I was mad. Oh I should add, it has just clicked onto 45K miles, has loads and loads of history, serviced every year - even has the original Storm brochure, price list, Corrado brochure etc, all in the envelope addressed to June's husband. As far as I can tell paint is original throughout, I have a couple of bits to tidy up, but I am hoping I will have no paint to do. I prefer a few original scuffs than new paint. The wheels need a refurb (I don't think they have ever been done) and just bought a pair of tyres for the rear, as the others had perished. Interior is 'as new'. Sadly I didn't realise how delicate the under bonnet soundproofing was and during a quick clean this morning it simply fell apart !! I was annoyed as I had never seen original under bonnet insulation in such fine condition. Anyway, have messaged the chap on here who is selling OEM stuff, so hopefully will have that sorted out soon enough. Are there any other options for the under bonnet insulation? - It obviously needs to be as close to factory as possible. (UPDATE, i've spent so long writing this, that I think I have had a reply from the bloke) I will post some pictures once its fully detailed, but I don't want to do it until its fully sorted. Anyone recommend a good indoor fitted car cover? BTW, let me know if anyone is interested and wants more details on my Porsche C4S, also have my Final Edition D2 S8 for sale as bought an Alfa to commute, the fuel bill on the S8 was killing me. Finally, does anyone know where my old Supercharged VR6 show car is? I think the last time I logged on here (as Tomson) I found it and it had been accident repaired and was up in Scotland and had the MJ interior removed for some storm leathers, Reg is L16 DPM. Also anyone still here from back in the day, Guy, Alex, ???????
  3. Hi, Do you have a late style kit? 1996 VR6? Cheers Tom
  4. Hi All, Tom here (actually i'm registered as Tomson previously, but cannot remember my old email or password) Bought my first Corrado back in 2000 from Cheltenham VW, like most I had come from Aircooled VW's and then Mk1/2 Golfs. Absolutely loved the car it was a mystic blue Storm. Back then, the club/forum was email based chatter that I constantly got reprimanded at work for spending too much time on! Anyway sold the Storm and then bought a supercharged VR which I then heavily modified, S4 handles, wing vent, MJ Interior etc.etc. It was quite well known at the time, magazine featured and 2nd in class at inters in 2002. Since then I have had all sorts, partly down to owning German Marques. Anyway I'm back again and pick up my Corrado at the weekend. I'll post pictures after a good detail. Tom:cheers:
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