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  1. Pjmur

    Vr6 brakes

    Appreciate all the information guys .👍
  2. Pjmur

    Vr6 brakes

    Cheers bud - I will check it out 👌
  3. Pjmur

    Vr6 brakes

    They are genuine alright . What's the correct Et do you know please bud ?. Kills me to sell them Tka for reply
  4. Hi. Can anyone advice please or have some knowledge on what brake system for front would suit to run with BBS Rs 17' with a ET 26 - I have the wheels but won't fit unless use 20mm spaces to clear existing calipers and then they extend beyond wheel arch - no a pretty site . Rear are perfect. I believe the existing brakes are original set up . Any advise greatly appreciated 👍 Pj
  5. Any pics of wheels pls ?.
  6. Et 30 is offset ,picture yet to do ,just not at present with the car .apologies .
  7. Will do . Tomorrow sometime guys. Tks again
  8. Hi. I'm.not quite sure ,must check that out . They 're perfect on rear ,just front is the issue . Will check and revert back . Tku
  9. Hi. I've 17 ' bbs on car ,but not happy with how far out beyond the wheel arches they are with original vr6 brake set up - needs 23mm spacer so could clear spaces . Want them flush with arches if possible . So question is pls - what would be recommended as replacement set up to achieve this . Cheers 👍
  10. Pjmur

    Heated front seats.

    Hi . I've a 1993 fitted with heated seats but not wired and no switch in car. Where was switch positioned ?- and is it easy to wire up or a big job. Is there 2 switch - 1 each seat or one switch suits both ?. Tks Pj
  11. Hi Christian. Do you still have soundproofing for 1993 corrado vr6 ?. Based in ireland - total cost please if so . Regards Pj
  12. Pjmur

    Vr6 boot water leak.

    Ok Rob. Thanks a very much-im new to the forms and haven't much knowledge of how they work . Tks again Pj
  13. Pjmur

    Vr6 boot water leak.

    Evening .! Has anybody an idea how to fit a new seal on a glass sunroof of a b4 Passat I want to fit in my corrado. I have the new seal but don't want to damage it if there is an simple way of fitting it to the glass. Would appreciate any help please. 👍
  14. Pjmur

    Vr6 boot water leak.

    hi all. has anyone got the part numbers for left and right side door trim/moulds on door /wing and rear panel cheers
  15. Pjmur

    Vr6 boot water leak.

    Thanks very much bud,I think ure right on the grommets some are missing -waiting on replacements to arrive. Many thanks for prompt reply 👍
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