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  1. Helllo. Thank you for all the advice, ill be going over and checking things a bit more, but I can answer a few of your questions now. 1. The Supercharger work was done by a place down in Summerset around what must be near 20 years ago. I believe they did all the fabrications, and apparently things did work fine until the car was parked up in 2005. 2. The Throttle body was moved down by the supercharger, in the bottom left hand side of the engine bay 3. The ECU Fitted before was fairly unknown. The Unit was fried, and did have a chip in it, but the chip that was in there was apparently from well before the charger was installed, and was done with the original owner in the 90s. When I replaced this it made sense to use a stock ECU and chip. There is a new 3.2mm x 1m Vacuum Line connecting the ECU To the Intake Manifold.. (The Throttle Body is capped off) 4. None of this has been played with from what i know of it. 5. Everything related to the engine in that regard should be completely stock. I think my concern is how quickly this is going to get quite complicated, I do a lot of my own jobs and tinkering here and there to fix problems. But we're quickly entering territory where i dont reckon id be much use at what needs doing.
  2. The throttle body has been moved down to the bottom of the engine bay around 20 years ago. When the Eaton M45 was installed to replace the G-Ladder. Its rather a pain to get to the Idle Air Screw, however it does seem to still have the rubber seal intact and preventing air from getting in. The thing is how much better it idles with the O2 Sensor Unplugged. I lack the equiptment to check and set the timing unfortunately, and would probably be best taking it to the garage with the Haynes Manual and asking them to go through the timing on the car. Generally I want to do as much as I can before I try and get a garage involved again. But most reccomendations (from the forum) for Garages down where I am are so out of date that most of them wont touch a Corrado yet along with with an Eaton.
  3. Hello everyone back at it again, with the Corrado G60. So since my last post alot of random issues have been sorted: - Brakes are now working, found a leak in the Booster Vacuum which was then replaced. - ABS Computer contacts are cleaned and now working. - Windscreen Bond has been replaced - General Electronic issues have been fixed, like Windows, and that sort of stuff. The issue is the car is still running awfully, we're now running with a Stock MAP Chip atlast so thats all sorted, ive done the usual digifant testing, blue temp sensor (visible in video) even replaced it after the video with a new OEM One, but that made little difference. Lambda Sensors have been cleaned, Vacuums are capped off, and ECU is running off of a 3.2mm x 1m OEM Vacuum line to the Intake Manifold. We're reaching the extent of my mechanical knowledge, and I thought possibly it could be the timing (It had a new cambelt when it got an MOT, and did seem to be running worse when it came back). This video is a few weeks old, but things are very much the same as seen in the video. If anyone has any ideas at all, please do let me know. Unfortunately no garages down here have any knowledge of these types of systems, so its not like I have many places to turn to locally. (I have already gone over the engine with Carb Cleaner, and it made no difference)
  4. Currently got ahold of a Stock G60 MAP Chip, and am making some progress. The car will now idle semi-reasonably when I unplug the blue temp sensor. Things are still lumpy, and the car isn't particularly happy, I'll most likely post a video update showing the car running later on.
  5. Hello Everyone So the Corrado G60 (Which i have continues to try and save) is up and running again, however it seems that with the ECU being repaired too much damage was done, the Internal MAP Chip was completely fried. The Car wont fire up at all with that ECU or Chip....So i thought alright, lets see about sticking that chip in my confirmed working and supposedly stock ECU...But after cracking it all open, there wasnt a stock G60 Chip in there....Nope there was a SNS Tuning Stage 5 Chip in there... Which could explain why the only working ECU i have makes the car run absolutely awful. What i was sold as a Stock ECU, has actually been an overkill tuned chip for a most likely specific. Now the ECU that came with the car is completely dead...But I think a Stock G60 Map could help bring back some stability to the car. The big question is, where do I go about getting a Stock G60 MAP Chip. Ive seen a few for sale for around £90...But thats quite steep for a flashed EPROM, are there any cheaper options. The Chip In my Working ECU:
  6. Managed to get an answer, most of my issues are down to the One Way Valve needing to be replaced (As it is broken) and the Vacuum to the Firewall is actually for Boost Readings on the MFA. Open to more help and advice though as always.
  7. Hello, after doing some more work on the car, cleaned up the engine bay a bit. Replaced a load of the supercharger piping etc... All in all just gave it a major spruce up for when my ECUs get back. However i came across some problems, namely vacuum lines, now I know that this is the source of most of my problems, given that they seem to have all been changed around. However I was wondering if people had any idea what was going with the fuel line, and well everything else. Im unable to post in other areas of the forum so apologies if this is the wrong area but this is the only area I can actually post in
  8. I know it's messy. But i went through organised and labeled a few of the obvious issues. Such as loose vacuum lines etc.. (Please remember that I am without an ECU, not that I really have a vacuum line to currently stretch to it) Most of what has been done is undocumented from well in 15 Years ago. Will also try to get it running to the best of my ability when the ECUs Arrive back.
  9. Fuel lines have all been checked over and replaced. I found a video of when I first managed to get the car running, which I'll try to post in a bit. The Eaton was fitted by a company over in summerset I believe, they've since gone bust. So no use contacting them at all.
  10. I'd rather have two working ECUs so I sent both off to a friend of mine so he can use the working one as as a visual reference. I'll have both back soon.
  11. No Spark. Fried Diodes internally. I reckon at some point the car had been started with bad grounds and fried the ECU. It is currently being repaired at the moment. The replacement is a new old stock G60 ECU. However I would prefer to use the ECU that is mapped for the car.
  12. New HT Leads, however both old and new have the same running issues. I reckon I've got some G60 Issues and Non Stock Corrado Issues. Will have the car up and running as soon as I get the ECU Back
  13. The brake issues started after the MOT, as did the ABS Light. As once the car was up, and running (and driving) I dropped it down for an MOT. I've been told there is an ABS Delete that might be worth looking into.
  14. Yep. After spending a few days sorting a few jobs around the car (a lot of electrical stuff I don't mind dealing with, as most issues that were already there I have sorted) Just called up a local specialist, and their resident Corrado Mechanic is actually back next month. They'd be willing to give the car a look over, and I'm very tempted to say that might be the direction to go in. All in all I'm open to any suggestions, but I am quite heavily leaning towards saving the car (already half way there as it is at the moment)
  15. Hello everyone, so a few of you will have probable noticed my last few posts relating to trying to buy a Corrado, with some unfortuantely issues with thsoe plans thrown in there. Now my Corrado knowledge and issues all stem from trying to save my dad's old Corrado G60 (1992) which was parked up for nearly 15 Years, as you can imagine after 15 years sitting around, did not leave the car in a great way. I decided one day that the car had spent long enough sitting around, so decided to go about what I could to get the car back on the road...Which is what i managed to do. As I got the car MOT'd and running All in all the car has had: - New Brake Master and Slave Cylinder (Clutch Pedal was stuck to the ground) - New Ignition Switch (and Wire to Starter) - Replacement ECU (Old one had been fried, and had a no spark issue, but is currently off being repaired by a trusted friend) - General Service items, Dics, Pads, Oil. Filters, etc... - New Fuel Pump (Old one had siezed) - New Brake Lines all around - New Cambelt (Garage did that when it had an MOT) However the car never ran right, I haven't spent too much on the project really, and have learnt a lot of it because of the car, it was around this point though i realised that the G Ladder had been replaced with an Eaton M45, the issue I see with this is that the throttle body has been moved, which ofcourse meant that the 1mx3.2mm Vacuum Line wont work at all. So that's why I have sent off the old ECU to be repaired as I noticed when i teared it down to inspect the damage that there was damage to some of the diodes (the no spark issue), aswell as it had been chipped. My hope with getting this repaired being that maybe it was mapped to the longer Vacuum line from the ECU to the now moved Throttle Body. Currently the current issues as I can think of them amount to: - Car runs rough, really rough. I managed to get the car home from the Garage but it wasnt happy, and pops and bangs were frequent by the time I got it home - Body work is generally good, but aerial has rust and a few blemishes on the bodywork - Other age related issues, stereo, and a few electrical niggles, windows, and indicators work when they want to. - Braking system is capput. I think it's down to the ABS Computer, feels like brakes are unpowered, and only braking at the front. - Windscreen bond is getting weak, and i noticed a drip or two make their way through, not great. All in all as I said i dont think any of this has been in vain as I have learnt a lot about cars from this project, however im at the stage where I dont know what to do. The car needs someone more knowledgable than me for any of the jobs going forward I think, I will be testing the car with the Original Chipped ECU when i get it back just to see if it helps the car run less rough. But it feels there are so many issues, that it might be worth calling it quits and looking at getting another Corrado...One that wasnt sat under a tree for 15 years. At some point ill get around to getting some video's or photos of it which will probably put it into perspective the situation a bit better. I just have many issues I dont know how to solve that im not sure what would be best. I would imagine dropping some money into the car at a garage would leave me with a worse car than just purchasing one if something comes up...As you can tell im pretty conflicted and confused about what to do so I thought id turn to the forums and see what the community thinks. Cheers Fellas
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