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  1. Hi All, Many thanks for your kind words about the demise of my car. I am safe and it would be a good idea to have a 10mm spanner handy at all times for the battery - it was one of the first things the Fire Brigade did - I hadn't though of it in the panic, but seems obvious now. Also thanks for al your interest. The car has been sold complete to another Forum member, if anything changes I will re-start this thread. I have a number-plate M30 VRG on retention which I plan to sell separately. I was going to let the dust settle on the car first before advertising, but I will put it on here and maybe ebay in a few weeks. Many thanks Richard
  2. Hi, I have owned my VR6 since 2001, but sadly the HVAC blower caught fire recently and by the time the fire brigade put out the fire she is uneconomical to repair. The fire was contained to the dashboard, so the Engine bay was unaffected. The rest of the interior survived, but would need a good clean to remove the smoke smell. The parcel shelf was not in the car at the time, so is as new. The car is currently complete, all parts (apart from dash and A pillar trims)are available. The car is a bit special and I have listed the special parts below. The car is Sherry Pearl colour, interior is black cloth. Some panels have some bubbling, so depending on what they are used for they would benefit from a prep and respray. Special bits: VW MS VSR with all the kit. Big valve head Wavetrac diff Schrick 268 Cams H&R coilovers, Tubular fabricated exhaust manifold Decat Miltek full stainless system 2 sets of speedlines, Plenty of Toyo road and track (888) tyres Lightened crank pulley Working Sunroof Vibratechnics Engine mount(s) Eibach ARB front (rear unused) Poly bush throughout 288mm Front brake set up I am in the Knutsford area, Cheshire. My number is 07720837062 Richard
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