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  1. Hutty

    VR6 Radiator

    Hi Matt, I'm in touch with Autodoc. Just waiting for an answer on when they expect stock to arrive. I'll post here when I get an answer.
  2. Hutty

    VR6 Radiator

    Replacement needed. I'm looking for as close to OEM as possible. Everywhere seems to be nil stock unless you want to go down the aluminium route.
  3. Thanks. I contacted VW who said that the part was made obsolete in 2014. Didn't contact Ford because I've been told that they are charging silly money for them now. I've managed to source one from Ebay so hopefully that will sort the problem.
  4. Thanks for that. I contacted VW and they told me that the part was made obsolete in 2014. I managed to get hold of one from Ebay so I'll wait and see what clips it comes with if any.
  5. Proving difficult to find this. It's the PCV valve that I need but I understand it is only available along with the full intake hose assembly.
  6. Thanks guys, I'll chase up a replacement and post how it goes.
  7. Thanks for the info. Does the blue hose in the pic look OEM to you? It might be that the component is ok but the hose is a bad fit. Certainly all that sealant looks questionable.
  8. Hi All, Driving the car the other day and it continually stalled at junctions then had very uneven and rough power delivery at normal speeds. Plenty of popping on the overrun. Managed to limp home. Had a look under the bonnet and found that an old sealant repair has failed and there is evidence of a small oil leak from it. I think it's the engine breather but I'm not even sure what this component is! Help would be appreciated. Would this account for the rough running or is it unrelated?
  9. Carbon fibre bonnet??!! I take it the engine on yours isn't standard then?
  10. I understand where Cressa is coming from with the need to keep it standard; I want to do exactly the same. You should have seen the hand-wringing going on in my house just to change a set of easily replaceable wiper blades!
  11. Cressa, I live in the sticks so haven't driven in the rain on dual carriageway/motorway yet. I'll let you know.
  12. Just thought I'd follow up to this. I took a gamble and fitted the Michelin Stealth blades on my standard wiper arms. Really pleased with the result; no juddering and a really good, clean wipe. Got them here...https://www.wiperblades.co.uk/vw-corrado-years-1988-to-1995-wiper-blades/michelin-stealth-msw12919-hybrid-wiper-blade-and-michelin-stealth-msw12919-hybrid-wiper-blade-twin-pack-wiper-blades
  13. Anyone tried these on standard arms? They claim to be as good as modern flat style blades, but with conventional fitting. My car is standard and I'd like to keep it that way, but the crap wipers and dim headlights often tempt me to modify!
  14. Thanks for the info. Vambtech had them for £5 but they sold out. I can't find any cheaper than £29.99 now. I'll keep an eye out on here and continue to scour the web!
  15. Don't know how but the interior door handle surround on the passenger side is missing. Tried VABTECH on Ebay but they are sold out. Would appreciate any pointers.
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