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  1. Karmann Ghia long gone Jim. I sold it the same day that I bought a gorgeous R107 SL Merc. That too had to go to buy bricks / mortar / roof. Wish I'd kept both as they were both real minty mint condition but a house is a house. I will still be going to Stanford this weekend (weather permitting) so hopefully bump into you and Eric if he is going and have a catch up.
  2. Bally! OMG That is sad news. Condolences to his friends and family! I've been in touch with Eric and he told me you are a Bimmer man now and your VR6 is no longer in the fold! never thought you'd leave the Corrado, I remember how much you wanted a VR6, but I understand why. I miss mine dearly and am tempted to buy it back, but I think it has been trashed. Yes I can see it is definitely quiet here, guessing most the owners have moved on to bigger and more exciting cars (me included but still got a big soft spot for Corrados). Good to hear from you Jim, will you be going to Stanford Hall this year? ATB Del.
  3. Hello all. Used to literally live on this forum a few years (probably over 7 years now!) back when I owned by Aqua Blue VR6 with the 16" Borbet C wheels, wanted to connect with some previous users and say hi. Jim still modding? Tempest Eric Scirocco still about? There used to be the main guy who had a heavily modded VR6... Cheesewire/Kev?) Henny still about? Dinkus…. went to Canada no? Bally from Milton Keynes? (used to see him at the RR events @ stealth) Dave16v - went to your house in Notts as you needed a car to model an airbox partition ages ago, you've probably forgotten about it. Still about?
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