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  1. Looking for an early contre console insert if anyone has one? Thx 535 863 241b
  2. Been a little while since I've updated this thread so here goes: Stripped out everything from the rear of the car, running gear, fuel, brakes etc Cleaned every inch and remediated any surface rust of which there was enough, then coated with 3m shutz and dynax UB Deleted fuel cap locking actuator having found a large hole where it used to live Cut out 80% of the fuel filler opening and replaced with new steel inserts Cut out and repaired both lower sill sections to the front of the rear arch Powder coated everything, including re-coating of the front calipers due to rust! - I won't name and shame here but drop me a message if you want to know. New: drilled and grooved rear disks, rear beam bushes, all bolts/clips/Fixings, wheel bearings, handbrake cables, strut top mounts, brake pressure reg, brake pipe and fuel pipe, fuel tank lift pump Coilovers installed Custom fuel pump and filter assembly with bosch 044 pump and performance filters Next: pipe up brakes and fuel, mk4 rear calipers, fuel tank install, exhaust install
  3. Hi all, Now looking to reinstall my fuel tank I have found a hose tail with no connection, etka doesn't seem to show it connected to anything for the smaller tank setup - can anyone confirm this is the case? Thx
  4. Hi @MJA Looks like you have the other setup at the filler (mine orange, yours blue) Mine has the purple reservoir so I can't see there is anywhere for the pink connection to go - I assume you have the other reservoir type (green)
  5. @MJA mine was the same, looked OK until I touched it and then a huge hole opened up, not the easiest fix as access is awful - I'll put some pics up later on if it helps. Went to put my tank back in and found a pipe with no connection - anyone have any ideas?
  6. Thanks, for £200 i'll get it and have a look - comes with all the running gear, brakes, subframe etc so could probably break it and cover the inital cost. @Dox May come back to you if the outcome isnt good 👍
  7. Appreciate this isnt C related, but thought there may be a pool of knowledge on here. Ive had a Mk1 Golf in storage for a few years (next project after the G60 is finished) and have been keeping my eyes open for a 1.8T for transplant. Yesterday offered a BAM225 lump from a TT quattro, 150k on the clock and now siezed having been stood; so rebuild required. Its priced to sell with everything except the loom from the engine bay - £200 Seems like a good deal but the mileage was the only thing on my mind - My Q is does the mileage matter if being rebuilt? Any thoughts appreciated, its not an engine i know. Thx
  8. Morning All, Got one of these from when i stripped the rear of my C out, cant find any reference as to where it goes - does anyone have an ideas or a photo? Thanks
  9. Hi MJA, see pics below of the assy. Mine isn't going to lock anymore but as you say it won't leave my sight so no too worried about a locking filler cap
  10. Hi MJA, Pic attached, unfortunately can't get you any dims as I have removed the lock due to rust around the actuator
  11. Happy new year everyone 🎉😀
  12. Perfect, thanks guys - didn't know this existed as a part 👍👍
  13. Looking for a body cut for the support that holds the filler neck inside the rear arch if there are any shells out there from a breaker or doner. Thx
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