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  1. Thanks Si, Dox, Original PAS pump so there shouldn't be any difference there; the arrangement of the rest looks right against ETKA, Bentley etc and sits right on the engine - I agree it can only be the spacer. I'll have another hunt and check there isn't a spacer mixed up with some other parts 👍
  2. Hi Dox, Yes its as you note above, second pulley on the outside of the crank with a small belt that runs to the PAS pump (pic below); for some reason i have a difference in alignment of about 10mm that looks odd and not sure it is correct. Thx
  3. I know G60 camps are quite divided in respect of the benefits or problems from deleting the boost return, the previous owner of my engine had done this modification and i am now looking at the options and then sourcing the associated parts as of course some are missing/damaged. In honesty having scoured the web, im still unclear on boost return or not - but also then came across the SWG twin inlet setup, has anyone got experience of this? Thx
  4. No closer to resolving this one, there's no offset on the pulley so reversing it makes no difference. Any pics appreciated just to check arrangement. Thx
  5. Spotted this if anyone is after one 👍 U Bend
  6. Hi Sean, pulley is flat but seems to be about 10mm different (see below - you can see the other pulley in the background)
  7. Hi All, Re-assembled my power steering pump and for some reason its not aligned with the pulley on the crank, Etka shows a spacer but i never had one - can anyone post any pics of this area so i can check the arrangement? Thx
  8. Thanks Philly-R6, Ive only seen the layout as per your picture above; ive gone with that 👍
  9. Looks sweet, you have to love fresh paint 😍
  10. Morning All, Been a long time since ive updated this and having cleared some time to throw at the C thought i should get back on it. Backstory... Bought my C as a 1.8 16v in 2000, as a 17yr old had to wait to drive it - on the road 2005 and living the dream; '09 Engine out and transplanted into a Mk1; G60 engine sourced. 2009-18 Family, House renovation x2 and collecting parts for conversion 2016-20 Slow progress but moving towards back on the road. Recent news: Engine stripped, news seals, HG, sump, block/head stripped and painted, subframe stripped and refubished all new bolts/rubbers/fittings, engine bay painted with all new brakelines/brake cyl/clutch cyl, battery relocated, new engine mounts, decat, all new belts, Sachs clutch, new plugs, refurbished drive shafts, Brembo disks & pads, new wheel bearings, AP Coilvers.......etc etc - you get the idea, no stone left unturned. All efforts focused on the engine bay for a min but the rest will have to follow before respray and retrim. Few pics from the recent weeks -
  11. Hi all, Looking to purchase a silicone pipe kit from Roose for my G60, options avaliable are an early (88-90) and late (90-93) - does anyone know the difference(s)? My donor engine came from a '90 so not sure which bracket mine will fall into? doesnt help that a few of the origional pipes which would provide some insight are missing 😒 Images attached for reference, early kit is top image Thx
  12. Hi, Looking to track down the 2no long bolts for the starter motor as attached, ETKA shows 2 different bolt arrangements - if anyone can shed any light on the difference it would be appreciated. Thanks & Merry Christmas
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