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  1. Thanks, just search for 'corrado graveyard'?
  2. Interested to know if anyone has a spare tunnel Heat Shield, after the rear most section as mine seems to be missing - part no 191803309L Thanks
  3. Hi Si, Yeah seen the above. After much deliberation ive decided to use a high spec replacement for the intank pump (Not Walbro) and going to fit a Bosch 044 inline with a performance filter, sure the Walbro option would work but i dont think its without its issues - maybe a bit of overkill but given the 044's heritage its a safer option and guarnteed to perform/cope. I'll stick up a few pics once i get to reassembly 👍
  4. After many months in the engine bay it is time to tackle the rear end, last 10 days has resulted in removal of everything under the rear of the car: Rear beam, brakes & lines, shocks off - all metal work gone for powdercoat; fuel tank, fuel lines and pumps heat sheilding off. Now scrubbing down for underseal prior to re-assembly. Started on halloween which was quite apt given the suprises underneath, fortunatly no major issues with the body which after 31yrs is testiment to the quality. Photo from along the way:
  5. Hi, Now facing a similar issue to the above and looking for some anyone who has used a Walbro in tank pump. Having transplanted a G60 into what was a 16v i am now at the point of overhauling the fuel delivery side, my 16v had the twin pump setup which is only fit for the bin so am looking to setup as per the single pump arrangement with a Walbro 225 in lieu of the standard in tank. Has anyone fitted one of these? If so what which Walbro pump or kit did you use? Also is there any benefit in installing a swirl pot after the pump with this setup? Any help appreciated, read on various forums that it can and has been done. Thx
  6. Look good m8, nice to see another G60 😀
  7. Thanks for the feedback folks, not running yet... when its every nut and bolt it only ever seems to creep along. Latest work: 3.5bar FPR, New FMIC/Rad/Oil cooler, cam belt and psteering assey fitted, boost pipework run, front wheels and spacers fitted . calipers re-painted as the colour looked cr*p - few pics below:
  8. PM sent. Do you have any pics of the digifant fuel pump?
  9. Thanks Si, Dox, Original PAS pump so there shouldn't be any difference there; the arrangement of the rest looks right against ETKA, Bentley etc and sits right on the engine - I agree it can only be the spacer. I'll have another hunt and check there isn't a spacer mixed up with some other parts 👍
  10. Hi Dox, Yes its as you note above, second pulley on the outside of the crank with a small belt that runs to the PAS pump (pic below); for some reason i have a difference in alignment of about 10mm that looks odd and not sure it is correct. Thx
  11. I know G60 camps are quite divided in respect of the benefits or problems from deleting the boost return, the previous owner of my engine had done this modification and i am now looking at the options and then sourcing the associated parts as of course some are missing/damaged. In honesty having scoured the web, im still unclear on boost return or not - but also then came across the SWG twin inlet setup, has anyone got experience of this? Thx
  12. No closer to resolving this one, there's no offset on the pulley so reversing it makes no difference. Any pics appreciated just to check arrangement. Thx
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