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  1. cool,ill see if i can charge it overnight and see if that resolves it. thanks for the responses
  2. i dont know if its charging the battery, the only thing i know is i can jump the battery and the car starts fine, but when i turn the car off, and try to restart it nothing happens! i haven't got a clue
  3. whatis a trickle charger? i would have thought the alternator would charge the battery fully even if dead??
  4. it has a tiny amount of charge i think but doesn't turn or even attempt to turn!! really weird!
  5. Hi guys had my rado sat on the drive for 6 weeks as seeling it. It has been seriously cold i know but I was stupid and didn't start her weekly and take her for a run!! Now i just jumped her as battery dead!! took it out for 20 mins, drives and runs perfect as usual. parked it up and nothing battery dead again! or at least I think it is. What would the issue be?? the battery is only 6 months old and its a high end calcium one!! would it be the battery, alternator?? or anything else to test!! any thoughts would be appriciated!! cheers
  6. kasman21

    cold air issue

    Hey Guys I have a problem i need to diagnose!! Problem is all im getting is cold air from my heater! I have repalced a clogged Bias valve which i hoped would sort it but didn't. just getting more cold air! I tested the heater matrix wasn't block, water is getting through it and it is not leaking inside the car!! So i presume it isn't the heater matrix or am i wrong?? any ideas would be great as it seems to be hotter outside than inside my rado!! I know similar topics have be ran but cant find anything if the matrix isn't leaking and is passing water! cheers guys
  7. what is the fitment i should be looking for?? as i dont want to use spacers at all? thankyou
  8. Hi guys would a set of 4 x 100 and ET49 steel wheels from avauxhall corsa fit my 1990 corrado 16v?? if not what is the correct fitment that I would need?? thanks
  9. Hey Guys Just bought a replacement JVC Stereo today and the previous owner of the car has cut the iso off!! so haven't got a clue what wire is what!! I have obviusly found the earth and constant live wire but unsure on the rest. Does anyone know which wire is what in the corrado?? which colours etc?? tried using the search but to no avail and am desperate for some music!!! Cheers guys :)
  10. i have tried to push the lining back but when i put the sunroof up it raising the lining!!if you know what i mean so i cant push the lining back!! any ideas ?? cheers!
  11. hey guys anyone know how to adjust a sunroof!!! mine is dipping to one side! how do i get to the srews to adjust it? cheers
  12. kasman21

    corrado offset

    what is the offset for a corrado 1990 16v??? 4 x 100 35 offset?? thanks
  13. what am i looking for!! i dont know where the isv is?!!! thanks guys
  14. hey guys last 2 days car has really struugled and oesn't want to idle at all, drives fine but struggles to idle, drove 20 miles today back home and it was ok when i gotn back!! any ideas, if so is it a diy job?? i was thinking idle control/warm up valve?? cheers zak
  15. Hey Guys Need some help, When i lock my rado via alarm, it locks fine, but when i go to unlock it the passeger door pin goes up and is able to be opened but the drivers side pin struggles and doesn't open!!! any ideas?? is it something basic?? yesterday i put my car in to the garrage for them to replace the drivers side electric mechanism and for some reason now this has happened!! Would this be related to the change of mechanism or something different?? any help would be appricaited!! thanks
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