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  1. Now sold, think they were a good price!!
  2. Drop me a message on the number and I will send more photos for you. Can also arrange collection etc. Cheers
  3. Very tidy set of speedlines. All 4 are pretty much mint. Tyres are mixed but all with good tread. £200 Located Stroud, Gloucestershire Zero 7920 40039 zero
  4. I'm in Nailsworth, near Stroud. What would you want for it? I have a spare bottom end so need a head to build a full engine!
  5. After a complete engine or a complete head or a whole car, after my intermediate shaft bolt sheeted on my new engine! Closer to Gloucestershire the better! Cheers, Si
  6. GTi.Si

    Electrical fault

    I didn't think of the clocks, they have been out in the past to replace the bulbs. Pretty sure I've replaced the main power relay and I've definatly cleaned up the earth points! I'll take a look at it over the holidays.
  7. I have a weird electrical fault which causes the engine to cut out on my VR6 with no warning! It seams to die and all the dash lights don't illuminate! It's a random fault but becoming more frequent, now it's undriveable, it cut out on a roundabout today and I had to have it towed. Sometimes it restarts by cycling the ignition sometimes the dash lights don't come back on but it will still crank but won't fire. So far I've replaced the battery, alternator, ignition switch, indicator stalk and cleaned the battery connections. It seams like the immobiliser comes on? It has an aftermarket sigma alarm/immob, but this arms and unarms fine, I can even hear it click when the dash lights aren't on. Any ideas what it could be? I was thinking a fuse able link? If it has one? Or a fuse box problem?
  8. Hi, sorry for the delay again. I already have a late set I could fit, but I'm missing the interior door pulls. How much for just them?
  9. Hi, I'm still after some door cards. I see you replied and I rather rudely didn't! I'm after an early set complete, colours not important.
  10. I'm after a set of early door cards complete with handles switches etc, OR late internal handles (and a wiring diagram to wire the windows in!) And an indicator stalk for an early car.
  11. Hi, do you have complete door cards with all switches, handles, pockets etc?
  12. GTi.Si

    G60 fuel pump

    Anyone got one?
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