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  1. Yes Karl, defo have to meet up. Never got chance last time i had my black vr. I see you soon bud. Can't wait to see your motor ---------- Post added at 09:25 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:23 PM ---------- lol, was only just thinking about the suspension and how comfortable it really is. Does look like its on stills though ---------- Post added at 09:31 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:25 PM ---------- Trying to find a set of rims that will replace the originals but abit more modern and bigger is proving to be harder than i thought. Mmmmmm
  2. Although I'm supposed to be in the process of getting rid of my toys...... I thought what I need to do is pick something up that I can get my teeth into as a slow evolving project... Always loved Corrado's.... and certainly the Vr's as they just drive so good when right! Anyway..... Recently rescued this Storm, which was in need of abit of tlc. Cheap enough to play with so...... Off I went to have a butchers :lol: 1995 Corrado Storm, Very straight and honest car with minimal owners. Been Sat for awhile but managed the 130mile trip home with ease. A very enjoyable drive actually :lol: Some Pics of how she stands atm... Needs a good thorough clean and alittle cosmetic tlc but nothing too bad. Interior is in excellent nick with suprisingly very minimal wear to the bolsters... Actually the best i've seen on the cream leathers.... Worst bit is around the petrol cap as its been forced open and damaged the flap, although it will straighten the quarter edges have been dented, so my plans are to cut it out and put another in. As its a Storm..... Im thinking of staying Very OEM this time, trying to keep it a mint classic. Eventually, I'll be putting in for a full respray but for now i'll get the winter over with first which should give me the time to decide where im going to take this. Maybe a small drop of 40mm on the suspension with shocks and springs..... I would like to change the rims but just not to sure what to go with. What do you guys reckon...... Any ideas for inspiration ;)
  3. Coilpack being a storm...
  4. Wow....its been awhile but Im now back to the forum with a rescued Storm Its great to be back with another project. Ok quick question. Engine runs sweet and just been serviced, including new plugs. Revs right across the range but if given hard gas on tickover it develops a misfire on coming back down the rev range? Only stays for about 20 secs then goes away. Any ideas guys.....
  5. Now that would be telling :lol: It come with bags of extras SMG Widescreen Tv Sat Nav Tv-tuner DVD 6 Disk changer Harmon Kardon sound system Bluetooth phone prep PDC the list goes on.. Such great fun cars... Power is immense 8)
  6. Although I love my diesels ... :) and the Audi is complete, A friend of mine offered me a car that I've wanted for such along time. Goes against all principals but just couldn't say no as it was pretty cheap, seen as he's desperate for cash... Couple of pics for you... Not to everyones cup of tea, but boy are they great fun :nuts:
  7. Mate... you've got nothing to worry about!!!! I had a Golf Anniversary PD150 and did virtually the same thing... I put about £15.00 of petrol in it and only realised once I got about 10 miles down the road as it kept cutting out and smoking badly... I got my old man to tow me back to the petrol station and tanked the car with diesel.... Car run absolutley fine.... Little smokey to begin with, but that eventually faded away ;) In certain cold countries... They put petrol in there tanks mixed with diesel to stop the diesel freezing :)
  8. Alright Jay... Tried alsorts with him, but he's not playing ball.... tbh i think it failed on alot more, but that doesn't really matter to me, as i don't mind getting my hands dirty... He's just so particular about his plate... I reckon he doesn't want to MOT it because the garage are charging him alot to repair. I HATE PRIVATE PLATES..... AND DVLA ARE W*NKERS :(
  9. ok.... so to recap! If he wants to take the plate off the car and place it on retention, he will defo have to put an MOT on the car before he can do so. How stupid is that!!!!!! I'd understand if he wanted to take the plate off the car and onto another.... Well thats gonna put a spanner in the works.... He'll want more money if he does that (Foober)
  10. Looking for alittle info guys..... Went to look at a Dub last night, Got no MOT but has a private plate on the car. The owner wants to keep the plate! Can the plate be taken off the car and put onto retention without a valid MOT cert? I'm sure I read somewhere that it couldn't Any help appreciated 8)
  11. Well, i thought I'd keep the post updated.... Been halfway round the country this week locating parts :roll: Kind of hard with the model being so new 8) Anyhow.... Finally the first stages of getting the rear quarters in place ready for fabrication. Tailgate on and all seems to be aligned perfect :D Some pics...
  12. Loved the Cabby... Real classic look which ouwsed VW enthusiasm. But on a practical note, was a bumper without powersteering :roll: and with it's limited use.. I couldn't keep ontop of keeping its clean :( I'm on the lookout for possibly another Rado... but may even be tempted with a tastey Mk2 Golf ???? I don't know..... we'll see what pops up. Thought you were wanting your Wheels polished :wink:
  13. Alright dude.... I'm always on the look out for a BARGAIN... :wink: How's things?
  14. Guy didn't bring the wheels... although he says he defo wants them done :roll: Once the Audi's done it'll be eventually going up for sale. Mileage is only 6k. Golf gt tdi and Mondeo st tdci are now both up forsale too. Just need to get round to advertising :lol: When you coming down to collect this Aprilia then? Need it gone for space reasons :roll:
  15. Alright Jay... Yeh this is the one. Now you've passed your theory, get your cbt done and you can start riding the Aprilia straight away. I'll sort you out a good deal :wink: Been mad busy with the cars and that. You got the Rado back on the road yet?
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