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  1. So I'm having trouble getting hold of these trims. Twice I've been sent the inner scraper trims (on to which the trims I want locate) in error. Can anyone help please?
  2. Looking good Benjo. It's such a shame when cars like these end up in the wrong hands. A small fortune you've spent I can see. Ripe for an engine conversion now...nice 1.8T maybe!!!!???? She was pretty much original when I bought her, and pretty much the same when I traded her in after a few years, save for a lowered suspension kit (Boge I think!). All the paint was original, the interior was like new and, after a thorough mechanical overhaul not long before she was sold on, she ran like a dream. When I bought her I traded in an immaculate 'D' plate Mk2 Golf GTi 8v, again finished in diamond silver. On that car I had fitted a lowered suspension kit, jetex exhaust and, following a trip to Welwyn Gardens (bloody long way from Cardiff!) an immaculate set of Corrado G60 BBS alloys. A condition of the sale when I purchased 'your' car was that I could keep the G60 BBS alloys, the original Sebrings finding themselves fitted to the Golf....didn't look too bad actually! RXs after my time, look nice though! Turning to the mileage, Jees it's nearly 10 years ago. I think I bought her showing 50k, and sold her on at around 70k. I have photos of her but I would need to scan them as we're talking pre-digital era. I got another Corrado now, bought as a project which I haven't got the time to finish. She's up on Ebay, awaiting a new home!! I'll post a link to the ad in the for sale section in case any one is interested....... Enjoy her Benjo, I did! :salute:
  3. That's excellent news Benjo. Thanks for getting in touch. I spent a small fortune on her just before selling her on back in 2000. She was a cracking car, looks like she still is. Have you had her long? No worries if you can't. I was the second owner, how many did she have before she reached your hands? I know it's a bit sad, but you couldn't email me a picture of her? :salute:
  4. Nice one bruny! Thanks very much, nothing there to frighten me off attempting it!!
  5. Apologies beforehand if I am not referring to this part correctly.......... The panel I need to remove appears to support the radiator, so is the correct phrase lower radiator subframe? Anyhow, I need to remove mine and replace it with one that is not made of tin foil! Can ayone walk me through the procedure to remove/refit please? I've done a search but that returns engine subframe related activities topic. I hope what I need to do isn't as complex!! Cheers
  6. Well, aint the world a funny place........here goes my update........ The panels I bought never arrived.......the courier van broke down en route so everything was taken back to the depot. Between the breakdown and the return to depot the delivery address label fell off, so when the delivery was re-arranged, the panels were returned to the chap I bought them off!! 2 failed re-deliveries later I asked for (and received) my money back. This took me in to mid April 08 if my memory is intact....then, whilst laying a patio, I felt a huge pain in my neck (no, not the wife demonstrating why the female of the species is more dangerous than the male :nono: !) which caused me to recoil in agony. Now, for a good few years I've had the same pain in the neck (through numerous relationships so not exclusive to my beloved :norty: !!) which I attributed to a trapped nerve from a long standing rugby injury. This occasion was different though.......are we sitting comfortably? Then I will continue... Anyhow, after 3 visits to the osteopath (the final one of which I can only liken to being wired up to the National Grid - if I could have controlled the nerve impulses shooting around my body to provide me with a rudimentary control of my limbs and fingers, I would have ensured aforementioned osteopath would have regained a familiarity with a part of his anatomy that he'd not seen since he was in his mother's womb!!) I quickly realised this was something else. Anyhow anyhow (and trying desperately to cut to the chase......), after a trip to A&E where I had to resort to pleading for morphine I was admitted, posted into a MRI scanner (I can tell you how boy's bits feel when wearing mackintosh...think about it......such was the closeness of the fit) where 48 hours later I was told I had slipped my c6 vertebrae. 'Kin joy and jubilation. As is my general run of luck these days........(mother in law hates me, she went to the Dominican Republic and I swear she picked up a voodoo doll off a Tahitian chalet maid!)...........my disc didn't slip out - easier to sort - the :censored: disc travelled inwards and compressed my spinal column. Small wonder then why any attempt to move my head, arms, shoulders (bowels or sphincter...ahem!) would generate enough electricity to power a Prius for 12 minutes (don't you love Clarkson) or 6 miles, whichever arrives soonest. So, armed with diagnosis........hi ho, hi ho...it's off to join the NHS waiting list I go to await a nerve block injection. Whilst wating for this injection the doctors quite merrily threw large quantities of diazapan, tramadol and diclofenac at me and I duly swallowed them all...'specially the diazapan...at predetermined periods (diazapan more frequently :norty: ). This all ensured that at any given point of the day I was unsure whether my name was Julian or Cross Dresser Sandra, and whether I peed sitting or standing. But, after four months of enduring life as a virtual bystander, I was summoned for the nerve block injection. Did I tell you I like Diazapan? Now up till the point where I was being strapped to the reclining bench in the hospital, I hadn't really been too worried about receiving a small prick (ahemm again), but, once Hattie Jacques had strapped me in (to something more suited to a Dominatrix's dungeon), and in a most light hearted fashion stated that most people requiring this jab to the neck only receive a partial dose cos of the pain, parts of me started to twitch. Sparing the detail, 10 mins later it was all over...I had been a good boy and taken the full dose. 6 weeks later after intense physio I returned to work, just before Xmas and just before I was about to go on half pay. Result! Right then, now I have bored you all to death, my Corrado project is back on, I am off to Gosport on Saturday to collect a tailgate, drivers door and drivers front wing from 'go-rado' (cheers matey, see you soon). When all the new panels are located, my aim is to continue where I left off. I'll get some photos up of the car as it is so that progress can be mapped. ciao for now
  7. Estorils for sure. I think, emphasise 'think', they were a factory option on circa 92 model Corrado 16v's (facelift model maybe) more generally. I have a vague recollection of them appearing on some run out MKII Golf GTI's ('J' or 'K' platers - 92 year), alongside a BBS RA type design. The Campaign Golf GTI ('E' or 'F' platers - 89 year) used a wheel called a 'Le Castallet' (sp?!) as a 14" if my memory serves me well. I think that Castallet design appeared, as a 15 inch, on the limited edition Golf Cabrio Rivage (the blue one, there was a red special too called something beginning with an 'A'? Advantage maybe?). Bloody gorgeous wheel that, I think quite rare too. Think the design (in 15" diameter) would suit the Corrado very well. I hope I haven't given you the impression, with all this vagueness and liberal usage of the words 'think' and 'maybe' that I am ready for licking a window in a nursing home!!
  8. Cheers guys, welcome the advice, I like the analogy of polishing a turd by the way...no offence taken!..... Well, an update for you, I bought the tailgate and the drivers door. Should be here soon, for the princely sum of £61!! Tailgate complete, door less handle and mirror. I hope to have finished the swap over by this weekend. The guy whom will be spraying my car - sometime soon - has assured me that the passenger door will spray just fine, so didn't pursue that item. Providing door and tailgate are in excellent nick I will be well happy. Got to be the sensble way of proceeding with my existing tailgate holed in 2 places and drivers door keyed, rusty, dented and dinted, and 'filled' in numerous places. Once tailgate and door are fitted I am going to 'cut' the paintwork to see how she come up. I'll do the whole car, got a speed adjustable angle grinder which I'll fit a mop to, should remove a lot of the elbow work!! I'll see how well I can blend everything together. It's at that stage I will have to decide what panels I am to have painted or just say 'bwga it!' and get both sides done. After I done that I may stick a few photos up...before and after.
  9. I am in a quandry.........I got a mechanically very sound (now!) 16v 93 Corrado finished in LC6V Pearl Green. She is badly let down though by the bodywork. If I could afford it I'd have a full (maybe not bare matal though) respray but funds are tight at the moment. Problems with the bodywork include: Drivers side: been keyed from rear wing to the drivers door front wing has a slight rust patch under the lip of the arch Passenger side rear wing previously resprayed (not a good job by my reckoning) door dinged in a few areas, couple of rusty patches Tailgate 2 nasty rust patches underneath the screen seal (rusted right through) Bumpers front needs respraying, light damage in a couple of areas but quite easily sorted rear, ok save for some slight crazing Apart from this she's imaculate!! Now, most of the defects I can live with (for now) save for the key-ing damage on the drivers side, the scruffy passenger door and the tailgate. I don't know the number of Corrados sold finished in LC6V, but I have located both doors and a tailgate - ex 91 G60, and have been assured that all are in excellent condition. I have been on the look out for correct colour panels for a long while and this is my first success. If I buy these parts, it ticks a number of boxes and if I scrape some funds together I may be able to sort out a respray of both rear wings, front wing touch up and front bumper and be left with a pretty tidy-like car for not much money. Or will !!?? I don't expect it'll be that tricky to do the door/tailgate swap, and I wouldn't expect the respraying I'd then need to cost a rediculous amount. But, and this is the crux of the matter, is it sensible to simply save some dosh, forget about chopping and changing doors etc, and book it into a good body shop to have eveything sprayed ('cept the roof!). It's tempting to pick these doors/tailgate up though as they'll make a huge improvement over the current, and for not a lot of dosh I hope. The current tailgate and both doors have well established rust, so that in itself may make their replacements an attractive option as any future respraying activities will be that much easier. I did a search for replacing doors and failed. If anyone can highlight a link I'd be very grateful. I have established you can swap post facelift doors for pre facelift having used the search facility. What you reckon? Be grateful for any thoughts.
  10. Aye indeed, and thanks to you for the master cylinder. I aint fitted it yet, the strange things happening with the ABS pump made me think it wasn't the MC afterall. I'll probably hold on to it though, always a good spare to have in the bottom drawer!! Right, what's going to go wrong with her next!!?? :shrug:
  11. Well, just in case anyone else experiences the same symtoms as I, I thought I'd share with you all the fix! After doing a fair bit of reading on the forum and other sites, I bought an ABS ECU (from r4-ge - thanks mate) and replaced mine with that. It was obvious when removing the old ECU that at some point water had gotten into it. There was rust at the bottom edge and when I removed the terminal block I could see that the female terminals in the block connector had suffered from water ingress and there was a thick milky gunk around the male terminals on the ECU unit. I dished the old ABS unit, cleaned up the terminals in the connector block using a mini wire wool brush (looks a bit like a tooth brush - perfect for the job), then attached that to the new unit, and hey presto, eveything working perfectly. Proper pressure on the pedal, ABS light now goes off after 3 odd seconds. Well happy. :clap:
  12. I think I may have to pass on this, mechanic friend had a look and doesn't think its the pump! Apologies for delay getting back to you - Sky Broadband playing up!! 8vtornado's lucky day!! Cheers
  13. Might be interested, thanks for getting in touch. How much you want for it inc postage please? Slow postage is fine!! Turning in to a right mare this problem of mine!! More research required methinks!
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