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  1. Haven't posted one in years but went to advertise my corrado today and it just says I don't have permission. Can someone clarify if its my user settings or if I'm doing something wrong? When logged in I can't even view the classifieds section?! Cheers ---------- Post added at 4:35 PM ---------- Previous post was at 4:24 PM ---------- Ok, somehow I've managed to post my for sale advert but I still can't view classifieds when logged in?
  2. G60 | Taiga green | Stirling, Scotland Price: £5500 Description: Make: Volkswagen Model: Corrado G60 Colour: VW Taiga Green Year: 1992 Engine size: 1847cc (Formally 1781cc) Fuel type: Petrol Transmission: Manual Mileage: 132K MOT: None Tax: None Price:£5500 ONO No. Former Keepers: 6 For sale is my Corrado G60, reason for sale is that I can no longer give it the time and attention it deserves. Basic spec: '92 Corrado G60 full respray in VW Taiga Green -deleted roof gutters, ariel hole, de-wipered boot lid, smooth rear panel, wings, bonnet, mirrors and bumpers (all plastic welding done by myself) -US rear plate tub -Brand new Yellow glass in fog lights -Indicators painted Jelly Orange -New glass on both headlights -Green TSR front tow strap (due to removal of towing eye to fit FMIC) -Passat rear handles (de-locked and colour coded) -Brand new Sekurit windscreen -Lupo wipers (2 drivers arms, drivers blade and pass blade) -upgraded headlight loom -fuel tank painted Matt black to tidy up w/ white p/coated straps -bumper irons p/coated white -Brand new radiator support panel form VW @ £250 (p/coated white) Engine: -1847cc overbore using wossner pistons -Lightened and balanced crank, flywheel and clutch cover -Schrick oil pan and windage tray -CTN gearbox -VR6 clutch -P&P Big valve head -Schrick 268/276 cam -Red top injectors -3 bar FPR -SNS Generic map -standard charger w/65mm pulley -standard airbox w/K&N panel -tezet manifold -de-cat pipe -magnex full system exhaust -Rallye intercooler and radiator -Rallye U-bend -Twin 10 SPAL fans -16 row Mocal oil cooler with 80°C thermo plate (front mounted) -Silicone 8mm leads -Bosch WDPO5 plugs (G40 plugs) -BBM solid front mount -Vibratechnics rear and G/box mount -Brand new VW in tank 4bar fuel pump mated to second hand level sensor (later VR6 style) -Entire engine bay and lighting loom were re-taped using VW cloth tape, some parts however have gone sticky! The full engine was rebuilt by myself, using 99% genuine VW parts, the engine has done less than 2500 miles since build and approximately 6hrs track time. In this time it has had at least eight oil and filter changes using ONLY Synta Silver, the current oil/filter has only had 2hrs track time and loading on/off the trailer. Chassis: -KW V1 S/S coilovers -KW ARBs front and rear -305mm brembos from ICR -Custom S/S hoses front and rear -15x7 compomotive MOs w/toyo R888s -Polybushed throughout -all parts powdercoated or painted underneath -New rear calipers with green stuff pads -Manual steering rack conversion -ABS fully removed (absolutely everything, NON-ABS hubs etc etc) -Every single brake pipe has been replaced Inside: -Recaro pole position seats (Mulberry coloured centres, never got round to dying them black) -custom black headliner -Passat moonroof w/matching sliding panel -Black dash/plastics throughout (dash is mint) -boost gauge in SWG vent pod -duostyle AFR gauge -Luke 3 point harnesses -Black carpet -Gloss black trimstyle strut brace -fully interior wiring loom was re-taped using VW cloth tape, some of the dash loom has been routed in the bulkhead to make dash removal easier. -New heater matrix -Seat rails have been removed and Recaros are fixed on welded in bars, shouldnt be a problem for anyone from 510 to 62 I am meticulous about this car and when I was building it I spared no expense. Absolutely everything was taken apart, cleaned, painted or powdercoated and put back together. I sourced 80% of the fixings and fasteners from VW, the rest were either from the local iron monger of refinished original parts. Any fixings that I did replace were generally with S/S. The car has no rot or rust that I have discovered. The Engine was rolling roaded on the base map after over 1k miles run in (and 6 oil/filter changes) it produced 197BHP/210ft/lb, if Im reading the graph correctly. I have since removed the 3.5bar FPR and replaced with the standard 3bar as well as replacing the base map with a generic map from Bilal at SNS, which he said was an almost identical spec engine. I havent had the car on the rollers since though but it is certainly a vast improvement. Tracking and camber was done before the last track day (July 2012) Car currently has NO TAX OR MOT, however I am 100% positive it will fly through so I will put 12 months on for the buyer. Tax will have to be arranged by the buyer. Car can be transported at buyers expense. Bad points: Now Im being honest and probably over the top here -The respray, despite paying good money didnt turn out the greatest, there are some areas where it could do with work and the car was never fully flatted and polished. I think that if this was done properly it would come out very well BUT some areas still require attention IMHO. No sob stories but I got to my wicks end with the painter and took the car back rather than let him have it any longer (12+ months) -Headliner needs a joining strip around the sunroof opening -No doorcards present, I have made aluminium plates for the rear but have never fitted -Some marks from loading on trailer, I nicked a wheel and scratched a wing (low down on the stone chip) -Some bolts and nuts have come loose due to the engine mount combination; these however will be replaced and re-secured -Charger has covered approx. 20k miles, 17k on 68mm pulley, 2.5k on 65mm pulley, I have new apex seals, timing belt and kluber grease. Was planning on a rebuild myself, so have still to source bearings. Last rebuild was by G-werks in 2004 where they discovered and repaired some minor scroll damage. -Slight knock from rear hub, suspected bad bearing although it has only covered 2.5k, I may be wrong or paranoid though!? -Has a META System alarm, installed by a local company, works and locks remotely but needs un-immobilised manually everytime. Will hopefully have this diagnosed by the fitting company. Looking for £5500 ONO Will consider breaking if there is no luck selling as a whole car but I will place an advert when that time comes, so please no vultures just now. Located in Stirling, Scotland PM for further details or enquiries. Any questions please ask, I may have missed some details as the rebuild took over four years! I will update photos at the weekend. Those of you that know me from the forum will know how much time and effort I spent on the car and what lengths I went to to source parts. No PX's or Swaps. UNLESS its for a Golf Rallye, I will not entertain anything else. Pics: Most recent @ Knockhill July 2012 (Jelly orange indicators)
  3. Hi mate, just to let you know I'm popping through to Edinburgh on sunday to grab these bits! Hopefully I can dig them out, my mates garage is a nightmare! Will let you know when I have them and what money he wants for them. Andy
  4. Ok, so after a lot of head scratching, referring to ETKA, bentley manual etc I have solved it! Had myself convinced that it was something inside the gearbox and so I removed the 5th gear cover plate, to adjust the reverse gear selction bracket, this didn't work. So I traced back to the selector plates that surround the selector tower and a noticed the reverse gear selector bracket, I moved it with a flat blade and it engaged reverse! woohoo So I started to suspect the selector tower and looked at the mechanism and why it wasn't selecting reverse, at this point I realise the the arm that rotates and moves up and down was sitting at a funny angle, stopping the arm fully moving downwards. I suspect that before I got the box it has had a bash or something dropped on it, bending the arm and stopping the travel needed to get reverse. Thanks for all the help and advice folks, I wouldn't have got there without it! Big thanks to Tomie and Craig for the coffe and ETKA/Bentley session yesterday! I can now select all gears and yes, I have filled it with fresh oil! Bring on the MOT!!
  5. I've asked him and he is happy to sell, I will try to get him to look them out and take photos or I will pop through myself and grab them. I will try to get this sorted in the next few days, doesn't help that I lost my phone and all my numbers today! Andy
  6. Thanks Tom, if I can get a friend to help sometime this week I can maybe try to mobe the box while trying to select reverse. I have removed the shift tower and inspected it and the internals but there is nothing that was obvious to me. However I did think that the oil level looked rather low, my own stupid fault, last time I checked it was when it was on the gearbox stand and this may have given me a fasle reading. So I removed the fill plug and it is sitting quite low, possible meaning that reverse is hard to get beacuse its not be properly lurbicated? Is it maybe worth a try to change the box oil over and run up to temp, maybe freeing off reverse gear??
  7. Use the gears you mean? obviously can't use reverse if I can't get it! lol Seem to be in a nightmare situation, car isn't road legal and not keen on using it if it needs the gearbox renewing! Will see how I get on with the shift tower, going out to do it now. Andy
  8. Cool, I'll lift the tower out tomorrow night then. How would I get round a tight syncro mesh? I have had the car up to temperature but still no joy? the box has been sat for about two years while I've been building up the rest of the car. Andy
  9. Cheers Yandards, unfortunately I can't even select it from the shift tower, I'm pushing the selector all the way down and then counter clockwise (as you say towards the rear of the car) and it just stops. even forcing it, it doesn't engage, if I am heavy handed sometimes it goes into gear but when I start the car to see what gear it is 1st. It's as if its jammed or there's nothing there. A friend has suggested removing the shift tower and inspecting it, at the moment I'm fearing the worst :(
  10. Hi guys, been struggling with this for a few days now and can't progress any further. I've been rebuiding my '92 Corrado G60 for the last 3.5 years, to go along with the planned engine up grades I purchased a CTN diesel gearbox, removed from a 40k mile car, I checked it engaged gears etc but not thoroughly as at the time i just assumed it would be fine. Box is now in the car but I have been having bother engaging reverse, I thought this would be just cable adjustment but after numerous failed attempts I'm back to square one. I have read a few guides on selecting gears/setting cables so I started trying to select all gears from the gearbox selector but still no reverse! I've had the end plate off to inspect 5th gear because I read somewhere it shares the syncro-mesh with reverse but I can see no damage or anything out of the ordinary. Not sure where to go from here other than to pull the box and get it rebuilt but I don't want to do this before I know for sure that reverse isn't there. To top it off the shift weight and the up/down cable hit each other, so I have had to remove the weight. Anyone shed any light? know what I may be doing wrong? getting desperate now :headbang: box is obviously a CTN, this I have checked Cables are standard Corrado Shifter is from the CTN box Cable mount bracket is from the CTN box also. Andy
  11. I'm sure my mate has the two foot rests, I fitted his storm interior for him but I didn't use these parts. I'll need to get in touch with him and see whats what. Andy
  12. Not to sound cheeky mate but at £20 I'll pass. Every corrado has this trim so I don't see the rarity in it. Ive only posted up because I'm at a loose end, I can't find where I put all my interior plastics, thought someone might just have this lying spare ready to go. Thanks Andy
  13. I can't really tell from the photo mate, it should have maybe ten tabs on the back that slot into clips on the roof and be made from that textured plastic. If you could check though that would be great!
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