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  1. Nice G60 not many of us left :)

  2. hey where are you based and what do you charge for working on gearboxes ? I have a spare G60 box I believe to be in good condition that I want to get a peolquin lsd fitted (i already have the lsd, & its new)

  3. small world I bought the spare charger !

  4. I can appreciate your situation completely, Im really surprised they've chosen to take it that far on the very skinny evidence they have. I would imagine a decent lawyer would tear them apart and a judge would laugh it out of court. I would counter their claims about the condition of your car by showing that you service it regularly, the mot was good with no advisories, mention you're an enthusiast and a member of car clubs/ forums and therefore probably look after your car better than the average car owner. Then use the simple maths to justify the overtake speed and suggest that the witness must have also been speeding also if there was on,y 4mph between you and perhaps they should also be on a charge ! Seriously though get yourself a lawyer and I'm sure all will work itself out


    On a cheeky note what happened to the car ?

  5. Hi Claire dont they have to prove his guilt ? Innocent until proven guilty ? Were there any advisories on the last mot or service ? I would have thought if nothing was mentioned at the last MOT or service then its reasonable to assume his innocence. I would of thought an independant engineer ought to inspect the car and then give a professional opinion on the cars road worthyness.

  6. Nice !! another G60 owner in Devon welcome

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