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  1. got a door handle now but thanx hun x
  2. got one now but thank you x
  3. thanx that wud b great if u cud, how much wud u want for it
  4. hey dont suppose u have a drivers door handle please x jacqui x
  5. dont suppose u have a drivers door handle please jacqui
  6. hey hun can i have the door handles please jacqui x
  7. Hi im in need of a drivers door handle for my 92 corrado g60 can anyone help please Jacqui
  8. not sure if it will fit but i will try and find out its a g60 not vr6 Jacqui
  9. Hi im in desperate need for an idle control valve for my 92 corrado g60 pg089543 engine number part no for idle control valve is 037 906 457d Please if anyone can help i would be so grateful Jacqui :dance:
  10. dont suppose u have an idle control valve for a g60? Jacqui
  11. Hi im looking to get a de cat pipe made for my G60 i was wondering if anyone could tell me if a 16v exhaust system would b the same as a G60?? This is just to measure for the part i need as its not close to where i live grrr but he quoted me £60 to make me a de cat pipe, which i thought was quite cheap as id seen some on e bay for £87 Thanx Jacqui
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