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  1. Door £30 Front bumper £30 VR6 badge ok condition £15 312mm carriers with free calipers £50 VR6 headlight switch £20 Anything else offers.... Jay
  2. I am having a clear out having definitely sold my last ever Rado..... Got a complete suspension setup for a VR. The classic combo of Koni top adjustable struts, H&R front springs and Eibach rears. Around 30mm lower all round and nicely uprated. No leaks All yours collected from Wilmslow for £125
  3. Pleased to say this is now sold to someone who will look after and improve it. Cheers. Jay
  4. Nope, he was not bothered by that at all. He was put of by himself. [emoji1]
  5. Almost exactly the same scenario, but from the south coast, he has actually done it twice!!! Trouble is I have ended the eBay auction twice for it which doesn't look good. Don't get some people, but never mind.
  6. After being royally messed about by a guy who didn't even come and see the car, it's still for sale! Open to sensible offers on this great car!
  7. Still for sale as the guy has changed his mind (i think his wife told him off) and not even come and looked at the car.
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