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  1. I used to own this before it ended up in Guildford. Get in touch via PM if you like.
  2. FS - Set of standard rear lights + can of red spray tint Set of standard rear lights plus a can of red spray tint. The savage paint is considered the closest match to the oem red so you can either replace broken clusters or do yourself a set of all red rears. Cat not included. List Date: 5/20/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: FS - Set of standard rear lights + can of red spray tint -------------------------------------- This item is no longer available. --------------------------------------
  3. Can you remember who you sold it to? I've just checked my PM's and I bought it from Hofmiester.
  4. Wheel looks ace :thumbleft: I liked the Momo because I didn't think it looked out of place and because it's a 320mm it's the perfect size for looks vs ability. The 280's are a bit small I think. Hope you put it on straight :lol:
  5. I thought these would be popular, are they too expensive? Open to offers.
  6. I'm not certain if these are both from one side or if one is from each side but I do know they fit behind the headlight(s). Selling as a pair but happy to split. £12.50 each delivered or £20 delivered for the pair. [ATTACH=CONFIG]77466[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]77464[/ATTACH]
  7. I have no idea what these are called. Hopefully the picture will help explain! Everything in the picture included in the price, all the tabs are intact so in perfect working order. £25 delivered. [ATTACH=CONFIG]77463[/ATTACH]
  8. Momo Race 320mm wheel with boss. Came from a VR not sure if it will fit other models. Condition is good but not mint, slight scratch on the horn press. Pictures attached Not sure how to price this so lets try £80 shipped. I'd prefer not to split. Cat not included. [ATTACH=CONFIG]77461[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]77462[/ATTACH]
  9. Nice one Ian, that sounds right! Thanks for clearing that up :)
  10. I did indeed get it from the forum, but I'll apologise in advance for not remembering the name of the member who sold it to me. Another part that I purchased from the same person at the same time (the plynth) had 'IPS Audi' written on it. Maybe that helps?
  11. PM incoming. Just noticed there are 3 plastic washers taped to the bag with the screws as well :thumbleft: I've had a look, no number on it I'm afraid :(
  12. Brand new unpainted rear number plate light cover with screws (I'm not sure if they are stainless or not). Stored indoors so no rust! [ATTACH=CONFIG]77323[/ATTACH] No idea what these are worth so £20 delivered?
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