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  1. Hi Guys Just as a reminder anyone who is up for buying these cams has to call me and register their payment details. So far no one has done so. It's the only way I can confirm numbers. So if you guys are interested then you need to call me. Don't forget the deadline date is 11th October 2013 Cheers Vince Stealth Racing 01926 812259
  2. I can't get a definite answer on this, from my checks on stock cam part numbers it seems all 32v inlet cams are the same, it's only exhaust cams that differs. There are different part numbers for cam advance units though between MK4 & MK5. The Schrick catalogue doesn't actually mention mk5 / BUB either. My guess is that the cams will be fine in the BUB although it is only a guess and there is an element of doubt.
  3. Hi Everyone link to SP263 Cam Buy here http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=83373&p=992689#post992689 Regards Vince
  4. Hi Everyone Due to popular demand we have another Group Buy for the excellent SP263 Cams. We have managed to keep the same prices as last year ;-) The prices are as follows and also show some further discounts for fitting and mapping. Deadline date will be 11th October 2013. Anyone who is interested please contact me on 01926 812259. Payment for the cams to be made in full at time of Order. If fitting and mapping required then payment for that can be made at that time. 1-10 Sets £394.89 11-15 Sets £370.00 16+ Sets £355.00 Labour for Install (Normally £237.60), GB Price £178.20 Custom Remap (Normally £300.00), GB Price £210.00 Other parts possibly needed? Cam Followers £93.60 a set. Cam Cover Gasket £19.20 Intake Manifold Gasket £9.60 All above prices include VAT. Many Thanks Vince@Stealth 01926 812259
  5. The price is for comfort version. I will find out more about the sport version.
  6. In actual fact this is a perfect addition for those of you who have gone to the 3.68 FD!!
  7. Hi Everyone Did someone mention 6 speed gearboxes ;-) As some of you may already know I have spent many years involved in gearbox rebuilds, LSD's, 6 speed conversions etc.. Many of you will remember the Gemini 6 speed kits. Unfortunately Gemini are no longer around. Recently we have become a distributor for Eurotuning, these guys make some very good 6 speed conversion kits. Their website seems to be down at present but here it is http://www.eurotuning.cz These kits are primarily designed as taller overdrive type gearing. We have recently fitted a couple of kits for Audi A2 owners you were looking for better mpg, quiter and more relaxing motorway cruising. Note, the eurotuning kit also replaces your existing 5th gear as well as adding a 6th gear. Attached is a graph showing rpm vs speed, the red part of the graph shows the new 5th & 6th gearing. OK, the attachment did not work, please tell me what I did wrong? Cost of the kit is £1175 inc vat but plus fitting.
  8. Hi Everyone Good news, all remaning cams in stock now ;-) Those of you who asked for mail order should start to see them arrive within the next few days. Those of you who asked us to hold on to them for fitting in our workshop please call me at your leisure to arrange a fitting date / time. There is no rush here, I am happy to leave it for as long as you need. Thanks again guys / gals for your orders and patience on this Group Buy, much appreciated! Regards Vince Stealth Racing P.S. We are closed for Holidays for 1 week from August 13th, reopening on Monday August 20th for business as usual.
  9. The initial 7 cam sets have arrived. Those of you who have asked for Mail Order should start seeing them in the next day or 2. Many Thanks Vince.. P.S. I will update on the other cam sets as I get more info.
  10. Hi Everyone... A quick update on the 263 Group buy, some good news and some not so good news.... Bill @ SPturbo has informed that upon checking the cams prior to despatch that he has found that the last machining operation has been missed. He needs to send them back to the manufacturer to be rectified. This fault applies to most of his stock, he has estimated 4-6 weeks for rectification ;-( However he does have 7 sets which are OK and are currently in transit via fedex. I think it is only fair that I make these sets available to the first 7 members in order that they paid. List as follows 1: Miles 2: Dale 3: Pete 4: Matt 5: Neil 6: Lewis 7: Dave B There maybe some of you that need the cams urgently and some not, if anyone in the above list wants to pass on their cams to others who paid later on then that is fine with me but I will let you sort that out amongst yourselves. Sorry about this Hiccup, it's something that either Bill or myself was not expecting. I suppose on the plus side, thanks to Bill for checking his products before shipping, it would have been a real pain if they arrived here in their unfinished state. Cheers... Vince P.S. If this is a problem for anyone please contact via phone at the office.
  11. OK Guys the ball is rolling quickly at SP Turbo, so new (and last) deadline is close of business Friday 15th June 2012 - 17:30hrs Vince@Stealth
  12. Hi Everyone As SP Turbo are not quite ready to ship, I am going to let the group buy run a little longer. I have had a few late comers in the last day or so which has brought the total upto 15 cam sets... One more needed for next price break of £355. So come on guys ;-) 263 Cams 1-10 Sets £394.89 11-15 Sets £370.00 16+ Sets £355.00 Vince
  13. OK Everyone I finally have some prices for the 263 Cam Group Buy. I have also added some group buy installation and remap costs at a discounted rate 263 Cams 1-10 Sets £394.89 11-15 Sets £370.00 16+ Sets £355.00 Labour for Install (Normally £237.60), GB Price £178.20 Custom Remap (Normally £300.00), GB Price £210.00 Other parts possibly needed? Cam Followers £93.60 a set. Cam Cover Gasket £19.20 Intake Manifold Gasket £9.60 All above prices include VAT. I think it's fair to set a deadline date for roughly 3 weeks time, so the offer will close on Friday June 8th 2011 at close of business. Anyone who is ready to commit now please give me a call on 01926 812259. Cheers........Vince
  14. Hi Everyone I have already sent an email out to Bill at SP Turbo regarding discount structure for the 263 Cams. Once I have heard back from him I will post up some prices for you guys. I will also quote for Installation and remap prices too, we may as well have a group buy on those aswell. Be back ASAP Cheers Vince
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