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  1. Thanks for the leads folks, I'll look into those options. John
  2. These look really useful, thanks! A great place to start. Many thanks John
  3. Thanks, that's helpful, I've had an initial look, not cheap, but I always feel a good workshop manual pays for itself pretty quickly. Looking at these initially, it doesn't appear to cover the engine? If it doesn't, is there another book that would cover the 2.0 16V? Do you know if parts diagrams are available with associated part numbers? I'm used to using that approach when ordering parts. If not, what do other folk do when they need bits? Appreciate the help. Regards John
  4. Hi, New to Corrado's, My background (in a mechanical sense) is Landrover Defenders, so a bit different. Just bought a 92' 2.0 v16 though and I'm finding it a bit confusing in terms of working out how to know which part numbers to look for, and an appropriate detailed, manufacturer level (ideally) workshop manual. Perhaps I've been spoilt to date, used to having a very clear LR chunky workshop manual, and easy accessibility to parts diagrams with part numbers etc. I have tried to look online, but it all seems a bit unclear. Any help or advice gratefully received. Ideally I'd like to source an appropriate hard copy workshop manual (if such a thing exists), and how do I work out which parts I need and their numbers? Many thanks John
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