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  1. They are heading to the tip on Sunday. They are the last of my spares and I'm not going to put them back into storage.
  2. NP Dazz. Let me know if you change your mind.
  3. Thanks Dox. They are the very last of my Corrado spares and will probably end up destined for the tip if there is no interest.
  4. A unique opportunity to repair worm / damaged seat covers. It's not a difficult job.
  5. Stumbled over these when sorting through the loft. Any interest? I'll post some pics tonight.
  6. You'll need some new hog rings and pliers to secure the covers to the seat frame. These can be purchased cheaply on e-bay. I'd not recommend trying to re-use the original rings. It's fairly easy job to take on and certainly within the scope of a competent DIYer. The only bit I found to be a bit of a challenge was the removal of the plastic headrest inserts from each seat frame.
  7. £35 + P&P....unique opportunity to update that worn interior.
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