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  1. I've removed your address - bearing in mind this is a public / world readable forum. I sent it as a private message to lilfuzzer instead! -- Jim
  2. That would be awsome mate! I can organise a courier if you want? Whatever is easiest for you. If i could get it by sat that would be brilliant. I can sort the payment by paypal or directly into your bank. Many thanks again. matt
  3. Hi mate. Thanks for the ultra quick reply! Ill be honest it for my mk2 ive just bought getting back to mint condition but having starting issues! Had the same fault with my corrado last year and this sorted it. where abouts are you buddy and how much would you want for it? many thanks matt
  4. Hi. Im after a fuel Accumulator for my 1.8 16v. I believe that most will fit and do the job ie mk1/mk2 golf, scirocco ect. Im desperate so please dont hesitate to get in touch! many thanks matt. 07772743814 or [email protected]
  5. Hi folks. Im looking at replacing the exhaust system on my 1990 1.8 16v. Im thinking about the complete jetex system but i need advise on the downpipe. My original is just that original and is starting to blow. My main question is what downpipe can i fit that would go onto the jetex system . I would like to gain a few more bhp if possible. Im on a very tight budget so if anyone has or knows of any avialable get in touch, thanks guys
  6. Hi people. Having an issue with my valver. Has run perfect for the past two years. However the other day its started to judder and struggle to keep going and ended up kangerooing down the road. Once stopped the fuel pump became very noisey and almost cut out with the revs dropping. I have since changed the fuel pump and checked the lift pump in the tank. All the fuel lines have been cleanedto. The car started fine after repreplacement and ran perfect at idle. The original fault still exists. I have now replacd the ignition coil and fuel pump relay. The car ran very well for a mile or so then the same fault came back.severe juddering and kangerooing. I have checked the dissy cap and leeds and are all in good order. The problem i seem to have is loss of spark. If i earth the king lead to the engine it will spark once then die off. could this be the ignition amplifier or the dizzy packing up?.all earth wires and connections seem in good order.the car has been maintained regardless , timing is spot on and before this issue the car ran superbly. Is there a way i can check the dizzy and ignition amplifier? thanks guys
  7. Hi. I found you! I cant seem to get any of your pictures up. Told you i was crap with computers,!

  8. Hi I am after a nsf headlamp for my 1990 1.8 16v. Can collect if required. I belive the later style lamp can also be used so if anyone has either type please get in touch. Thanks matt. 07772743814 or [email protected]
  9. MATTG33


    Hi mate, was wondering if you still had a passenger side headlamp for sale? I realise it was a while ago you posted the ad! thanks matt. 07772743814 or [email protected]
  10. Hi all. Im new to here and was just seeking some advice if possible. I have over the past year re built my g reg 16v. Its totally standard. I have replaced all the suspension and it rides and drives very well.i have noticed though after the bedding in period that when pushing on especially in the wet that the car doesn't feel as glued to the road or steer as well as it should. I have set up the camber very basically but havent touched the tracking as it seemed to drive very straight. I would now like to get the track and camber properly set up by someone who knows what there doing. I was wondering wether anyone knew of a decent garage in the west midlands/Staffordshire area. I live in tamworth Staffordshire but am willing to travel a reasonable distance for a professional job. any advice gratefully received. Many thanks
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