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  1. does anyone know of a insurance company that does not hate modded cars and actually gives a discount for lower annual mileage cos insurance really stings me when i'm only in country 6 mths of year... If they exist that is
  2. cheers for the serious answer jim, i was just wondering how much extra insurance on modified cars over standard is. This was just for info as a nice modified g60 might turn up for a little more than standard one. I know which one i would rather have. Probably just stick to standard as 160 brake is enough for me at the moment having a crotch rocket as well
  3. I went to bikes (currently cbr6) cos i can afford the car but can't justify paying thousands in insurance. Now the winter is setting in a want a fastish car. I'm not intending on crashing is a figure of speech, not telling them you have a bigger supercharger is hardly a hanging offence is it!
  4. if i'm third party they will only find out if i have a huge crash, which i'm not planning on having. Do you think a standard vr6 will be same to insure as modded g60
  5. say i had a g60 with uprated charger, superchip, pulley etc is it much better keeping quiet about these mods when insuring car cos they won't drastically change the apperance. As i have few no claims will it up the quote a lot if i tell them about mods P.s i got quoted 800 quid tpft for 23 year old with elephant.co.uk Cheers
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