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  1. I do still have the car however a friend has let me store it in his garage so might sort out some of the bits that need doing so I can get more near the price I paid for the car. Unless some one really wants to buy as it is. I have now had new tyres put on the rear. Ollie
  2. Hi mate Is the car still available

  3. Is the car is forsale ?

  4. My numbers 07515788734 if ya can text me if the car is still for sale cheers mate

  5. Hi is the Corrado still for sale

  6. Hey im really intrested in your corrado for sale! Can you text me if its still available? 07721696624

  7. After some thought and the fact that I am moving out a week on Saturday I am lowering the price to £2500 if it is collected Saturday afternoon / Sunday. I will be getting the 2 rear tyres fitted Saturday morning so it can be driven away. Ollie
  8. Unfortunately Sam, I just don't have the space or time to break it.
  9. Thanks for the reply Geeba. Maybe it's just not the right time to sell?
  10. Noticed this has had quite a lot of views but no comments. Is this over priced? If so what does everyone think it's worth? Thanks
  11. I had this up for breaking the end of last year but then realised i wanted to keep it. I am now reluctantly putting it up for sale for a few reasons. I no longer have the time to do what I would like with the car and I am moving back in with the parents to save house pennies and have no where to store it. If you wish to view the car please let me know so we can arrange a suitable time to view in the light etc. Here are a few photos of it, and i will get further photos up when I get chance in the light. The car does have an MOT which expires on 18/03/2017 however it will need some issues sorting for the next one which is why i was going to take it off the road as a project. The items I know it will need for MOT are: - The clocks have stopped working, I have check the plug connection on the back and this is fine so must be the clocks themselves? - The horn doesn't work as non standard steering wheel fitted. - There is a crack the the bottom of the windscreen on the drivers side (I'm not sure if this would fail?) - The car requires 2 rear tyres but I will get these done (if sold with the wheels - see buying options below) Now the car in further detail.... The engine is a BAM from a TT which has IRO 22k miles on it. It is fitted using QPENG loom, management and down pipe. An AGU throttle housing has been used to keep the throttle cable and the intercooler is from a BMW X5 which fits nicely below the radiator. I believe the gearbox is from a Golf 1.8T which uses diesel flanges so able to use VR6 driveshafts. Has coilovers but will check with the previous owner what they are. Converted to 5 stud so able to run Mk4 Golf Anniversary wheels which are still in their original finish but do have some kerb marks. Full leather interior which I believe to be from a Storm (were these the only model fitted with full leather?) The car does require bodywork as the paintwork on the bonnet is flat and the drivers wing is corroded. I do have a drivers wing but it will require painting before fitting. Some of the interior trims could do with fitting properly and some of them are damaged. I recommend viewing the car so you can have a good look around it. For the forum rules I will put the price at £2900 (I paid quite a bit more than this but I understand it does require work). However I am open to offers so PM me.... the worst I can say is no! Can also work out a deal if you don't want the wheels etc. Any questions PM me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for looking. Ollie
  12. Hi all, I sold a few parts from the car and have now managed to secure some storage for a longer period so wont be breaking the car any further until then when I have more time to do so. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  13. Hello. Im interested in the drivers side door exterior door handle if it's for sale? A part broke in mine the other day and looking for a for another handle to strip down and stealso the part off.


    Cheers for any help

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